Now the Category’s Crowded: Every Good Stanley Cup Deserves Fudge

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I’ve always heard urine is sterile, but baby poop?

From the Detroit Free Press, piggybacking off of the Toronto Star:

Red Wings forward Kris Draper revealed during the weekend that his diaperless baby, Kamryn, did a number on the Cup last month. A number two, to be exact.

“A week after we won it, I had my newborn daughter in there, and she pooped in the Cup,” Draper said. “That was something. We had a pretty good laugh.

“I still drank out of it that night, so no worries.”

The Drapers also filled the Cup with hockey’s finest contribution to cuisine. Which I guess also suggests a new use for the word “Timbits.”

19 responses to “Now the Category’s Crowded: Every Good Stanley Cup Deserves Fudge”

  1. 123 says:

    hmm …

  2. ._. says:

    Ewww, he drank out of it? After his kid pooped in it?!

  3. mlbkid24 says:

    Look after your kid man

  4. francis smith says:

    The first news worthy toilet training incident

  5. sharksfan says:

    thats pretty hilarious, well we will see the cup in san jose very very soon

  6. drw says:

    Well, if you can’t drink out of it, you might as well poop in it!

  7. john says:

    sh*t happens

  8. Darren Olach says:

    Drink first then shit. BUT NOT IN THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!!!!!!

  9. gavin says:

    id dump in it too..hockey blows

  10. Scanner says:

    My neighbor used to change her daughthers diaper years ago and put the pins in her mouth. On one occasion she was very distracted, and placed one of her daughters terds in her mouth by accident and then spit it out. Sounds similar. Did the clothe used to wipe out the cup appear on eBay like Obama’s half un-eaten waffle?

  11. Neptuplonian says:

    so the baby was sitting in the cup at the time, like a big silver baby pedestal?
    and how do you knowingly drink from it afterwards, then tell everybody, “no, I drank from it, so it’s okay” drinking from it made it okay, apparently his lips sterilized the bowl

  12. Anon says:

    Ah hahahahaha thats funny…

    I always knew hockey was crap… lol get it? =P

  13. Kira says:

    thank god they still drank out of it -.-

  14. beelyhol says:

    Must have been a tall kid.

  15. Dana Bean says:

    I don’t know whether to say Gross or Awesome. :3

  16. Jeff Scott says:

    Hey! Like One Girl, One Cup!!!

  17. Ezy says:

    Wow, Draper, watch over your kid. Buddy, your not just a hockey player, you make a commitment to your kid. What disrespect to Lord Stanley

  18. GC says:

    comment thread closed…on account of generating the worst responses in CSTB history!