NY, NJ : Bastions Of Shitty Basketball, Objective Broadcasting

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While the lottery-bound Knicks and Nets will be starting their summer vacations early, the combined ranks of Mike Breen, Walt Frazier, Marv Albert, Ian Eagle and Marc Jackson receive pretty high marks from Flickr user Strange Botwin in terms of their hoops knowledge and impartiality.

The NBA TV announcer who received the lowest mark — despite owning rings as a player and coach?

Let’s just say he’ll always be number 1 in Walter McCarty’s book.

2 responses to “NY, NJ : Bastions Of Shitty Basketball, Objective Broadcasting”

  1. Ward York says:

    If Stu Lantz is objective, then Patrick Ewing never traveled. And while it would’ve been easier for me to defend Tommy’s surprisingly (albeit rarely homer-free) spot-on analysis if he hadn’t spent 15 minutes one game talking about his MVP picks (in order: Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Big Baby), him being below Scott Hastings in both objectivity AND knowledge must mean this guy rightfully avoids Nuggets games like the plague.

  2. nkbakker says:

    the idiot who does the wizards games is the worst.

    second hardest to listen to would be #10 of your ny knicks…clyde frazier who tries to sound like jesse jackson.

    dishing and swishing!
    hooping and scooping!

    thank god for the mute button or alternate feeds.

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