NYT : The Nu Stadium Is Already Falling Apart

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(Yankee exec Randy Levine helpfully points out the exact spot where there’s absolutely, positively no chance you’ll be crushed to death.)

Tonight’s Game 6 of the ALCS has been postponed due to heavy rain, but if we’re to believe the following report from the New York Times’ WIlliam K. Rashbaum and Ken Belson, perhaps the series should be moved to a neutral field to protect the public?

The concrete pedestrian ramps at the brand-new $1.5 billion city-subsidized Yankee Stadium have been troubled by cracks, and the team is seeking to determine whether the problems were caused by the installation, the design, the concrete or other factors, according to several people briefed on the problems.

The ramps were built by a company accused of having links to the mob, and the concrete mix was designed and tested by a company under indictment on charges that it failed to perform some tests and falsified the results of others. But it is unclear whether work performed by either firm contributed to the deteriorating conditions of the ramps.

The company that evaluated the strength of the concrete poured for the walkways, Testwell Laboratories, its owners and several officers were indicted last year on state racketeering charges, and they have all denied the accusations. The case stems from a sweeping 18-month investigation of the concrete-testing industry that also led to charges against a second company. The investigation also forced the city to order the retesting of the concrete in 80 structures in four boroughs, including the stadium. More than half a dozen other companies remain under scrutiny in the case.

The above news comes on the heels of a New York Post report regarding the shoddy workmanship that went into the construction of Citi Field, another venue that couldn’t have been built without public funds. Though Michael Bloomberg is about as likely to lose the upcoming mayoral election as Chris X. Brodeur is to be invited to brunch tomorrow am with Rudy Giuliani at least two of the three men mentioned above have much to answer for.

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  1. Marc says:

    I hope those douches at NoMaas go ahead and mock their own shittacular stadium now that this has come out. When the reports of Citi Field having issues came out, they were all over it in the forum like flies on shit.

    (I’m beginning to think the people who post at NoMaas are less Yankees fans and more Red Sox/Mets haters. It’s become an addiction to count how many times they can call people faggots over there — “Oh, Theo Epstein signed someone. He’s got grit and is a faggot!”)

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