Obama Fan George Will Finally Finds a Subject Where He Can Still Talk Like a Pre-Bailout Republican: Bud Selig

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[An autogrphed photo of Selig recently made out to himself.]

I’ve posted here before on Bud Selig’s tenacity when it comes to promoting himself.  Now he’s got a very public show of support, from noted Cub fan George Will, who writes in to Forbes Magazine to chastise it for criticizing the man that Bud Selig has declared a massive success “ Bud Selig.  Will argues that Selig is bar none the greatest commissioner Major League Baseball has ever had.  I™ll be the first to say, Selig™s business acumen and selling the game are definitely impressive.  That™s because Selig is the best business rep the owners have ever had, and he should be commended as such.  As far as what the job of baseball commissioner was designed to do, which is bring a sense of moral authority to baseball and give it credibility ” he™s about the worst it has ever had.  With a kind of Bush-like thinking Will has recently rejected, Will manages to both praise free market economics and extol the virtues of Selig, the CEO of America’s favorite monopoly “ baseball.  Will™s total blame for PEDs on the players union is also a bit much to stomach, since owners happily profited from their œignorance of the situation and did little or nothing to raise the issue.  Mr. Will’s fan letter can be found here. [And a CSTB thank you to Chris Lehmann for the link.]

4 responses to “Obama Fan George Will Finally Finds a Subject Where He Can Still Talk Like a Pre-Bailout Republican: Bud Selig”

  1. andrew says:

    Ben, please tell me this isn’t you:


  2. Ben Schwartz says:

    Well … it’s not a recent picture.

  3. Colby says:

    Selig’s a douche…..
    Encouraged the work stoppage and steroids through greed and inaction…..

  4. Raymond says:

    “Selig’s a douche…..”, Let’s not give him more credit than he has earned. he would need to improve to gain the title of “douche”. I wish he would return his sack of bones and his bad suit to the British Museum. They couls finaly close the book on “the case of the missing mumy”.

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