Omar’s Got His Shotgun, Maury’s Got His Briefcase…

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…and his Arby’s Bacon Beef & Cheddar.

3 responses to “Omar’s Got His Shotgun, Maury’s Got His Briefcase…”

  1. Ward York says:

    Meanwhile, Clay Davis is so hard up for funds he’s shilling for Southwest Airlines and Dunkin’ Donuts.

  2. Pete Segall says:

    Frankie Faison (Erv Burrell) had ads for Burger King and Harrah’s (I think – one of the chain casinos) a few years back that were not only airing simultaneously but looked to have been filmed simultaneously, with good Frankie, wearing an utterly tortured grin, standing outside with a Whopper/bucket of two dollar chips extolling its flame-broiled goodness/regular payouts.

    All I can say is Coconut Sid deserves better.

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