Once Again, America’s Patience With Boston Sports Fans Will Be Sorely Tested

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Proving that not even a deeply flawed adaptation of Nick Hornby’s “Fever Pitch” nor Bill Simmons’ ascent to mainstream media personality have soured entertainment’s power brokers on all-things-Boston sports, Deadline.com’s Nellie Andreeva shares the following ;

ESPN has sold its first scripted project, an untitled Boston sports fan comedy from former Scrubs executive producer Bill Callahan, to ABC. The project is described as a look at the relationship between four longtime guy friends, still living in their hometown outside of Boston, who gather once a week to watch one of their beloved teams play. Callahan is writing and executive producing, with ESPN Content Development’s executive producers Vinnie Malhotra, who is shepherding the company’s current scripted efforts, and Joan Lynch also expected to produce. UTA-repped Callahan, who worked with Bill Lawrence on 2 of his series, Scrubs and Spin City, most recently served as an executive producer on USA’s Psych.

I have a couple of predictions for this mooted series ;

a) at one point or another, Jerry O’Connell’s name will be attached to the project. Hopefully unattached soon afterwards, but attached at some stage.
b) At least 3 of the “longtime guy friends” will be white. All will be straight.
c) At least 1, possibly two of the main male characters will have a spouse or girlfriend who is considerably more attractive than him.
d) it can’t possibly be worse than “The League”.
e) despite heavy promotion, stunt cameos by The Hooded Casanova, Bill James, Brian Scalabrine (mistaken for Michael Rapaport at Logan Airport), Rogelio Moret and Bob Lobel will result in zero Emmy nominations.

4 responses to “Once Again, America’s Patience With Boston Sports Fans Will Be Sorely Tested”

  1. Rog says:

    f) the Boston accents on all of the characters will sound so natural and well-intoned that even people like Click and Clack will be impressed.

  2. john says:

    perhaps a cameo by Jurassic Carl to explain the etymology of CHB

  3. gabe says:

    “The League” not funny? I stopped reading right there.

  4. GC says:

    That was probably the right move on your part.

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