One Final Reminder : CSTB’s (Not-Affiliated-With-SXSW) Wednesday Afternoon Throwdown

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Cynics might call this the play-in-game for the real tournament, but they’d be wrong.  First of all, much the way supermarkets and taverns are legally prevented from using phrases such as “Super Bowl” and “March Madness”, you’ll note that I’m not claiming connection to a rather prominent music conference/trade fair happening in Austin this week.  Instead, like so many others, I’m merely taking advantage of all their years of hard work.

Secondly — and I can’t believe I have to mention this again — there is no need to RSVP for tomorrow’s party.  Just show up.   In the very unlikely event the venue is filled beyond capacity (and with so much else happening on the same block, I’m not counting on it), if you come back 15 minutes later you’ll probably get in.

2 responses to “One Final Reminder : CSTB’s (Not-Affiliated-With-SXSW) Wednesday Afternoon Throwdown”

  1. james says:

    will be en route with another regular reader / infrequent commenter at that time. any chance of an afterwards party at the bell tower?

  2. matt says:

    you fuckin yuppies with your fuckin cool bands in the middle of the fuckin day when i have to fuckin work. that does look awesome though man. good stuff.

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