One Man’s Fury Over Philly Being Phucked

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Suffice to say, the gentleman above is not pleased after witnessing the first suspended game in World Series history. Keep in mind, he make more sense than the Kruky Monster, and think what they’d save on catering.

One response to “One Man’s Fury Over Philly Being Phucked”

  1. Reggie Miller says:

    I was sympathethic to his viewpoint until he started up with the “Tampa Bay and their ten fans” schtick.

    1. Tampa Bay isn’t responsible for Bumblin’ Bud Selig.
    2. City smack is always lame, as a general rule.
    3. How many fans Tampa has (or doesn’t have) is irrelevant.
    4. There are many thousands of residents of Piniellas and Hillsborough Counties who have suffered through a lot of crappy Devilrays’ seasons to get to this point.

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