I’m hoping this World Series goes 7 games, because if you’re looking for hot quotes from Ozzie Guillen, he’s only just getting warmed up. From the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan :

As for Wrigley Field, Guillen (above) compared it to the Statue of Liberty and said Chicago will not become a Sox town even if they win the World Series.

“This is a Cubs town,” he said. “You’ve got to win seven World Series in a row. Seven, not one, You go to Niketown, you only see Chicago Cubs stuff, and I don’t blame them, because we haven’t done anything yet to make that step. I want to change that.”

Without stopping for a breath, Guillen then related how fans at Wrigley “never watch the game,” and just go for the party.

“I’ve always said that for fans, it’s the best field to go to. But for you to work?” he said. “That’s why I don’t like to go to Wrigley Field. I love it when the game starts, but before the game and after the game, it’s the worst field in baseball. It’s uncomfortable to go there. I’m not saying I hate to play the Cubs. I hate going to Wrigley Field. Does that make me a bad man?

“Go ask the Cubs players if they like to play there every day. When they have to go and hit in the batting cages and there’s 20,000 rats running around.”

Guillen conceded he never saw a rat at Wrigley but was told the story by Cubs bullpen coach Juan “Porky” Lopez.

“I never go to the hitting cage,” he said. “They feed those things.”