Page 6 : Russert Memorial Ruined By Non-Metallic K.O.’s Ketchup Shit-Fit

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I can’t vouch for the veracity of a New York Post report claiming MSNC’s Keith Olbermann “went apoplectic” over the lack of ketchup packets (!) at a memorial service for the late Tim Russert, a claim K.O.’s publicist called “an outright lie”, but I’m having a hard time determining which is funnier — the notion this incident actually happened, or a disgruntled MSNBC colleague fantasizing, “what’s the lamest possible thing I can accuse Olbermann of doing a a memorial service that someone might actually believe?”

We’ve got at least two or three readers on the Bristol campus.  Can anyone testify regarding the ketchup situation at the WWL’s commissary?

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  1. matt says:

    i do actually watch countdown from time to time and all i can hope for is another rage-filled-eyes smackdown the likes of the one that came earlier this week? (late last week?) in which k.o. ended up curling one out on page 6 for “reporting” that chris matthews was standing around in the church asking people how he should angle for russert’s job.

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