Paging J.G. Ballard (And The Roger Cedeno Driving Institute)

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In the aftermath of Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest fender bender, I can’t help but wonder…why doesn’t ESPN.com run polls like these?

2 responses to “Paging J.G. Ballard (And The Roger Cedeno Driving Institute)”

  1. Clearly, in the Ballardian context, the answer is “no.”

    Restraining from posting NSFW images of Deborah Kara Unger.

    Also, I’ve been waiting far too long for Spielberg’s production of “The Atrocity Exhibition,” starring Tom Cruise.

  2. JeffWeaver4God says:

    there has to be some joke in here about the commercial of him racing a bugatti, but frankly i am not clever enough to make it.

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