Paging Mushnick : New Era, MLB Charged With Confusing Cap Designs

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Fox News.com leaves their NewsCorp colleague Phil in the dust with the following bit of hysteria :

Outraged Harlem activists charge that New Era, the caps’ manufacturer, and the New York Yankees ” whose famous interlocking NY cap features a choice of a red and black bandanna design for the Bloods, blue and gray for the Crips and a gold crown for the Latin Kings and Major League Baseball are deliberately marketing to gang members and wannabes.

“Companies involved should not profit from the promotion of gang affiliation, which leads only to gang violence,” the activists, who call themselves the Coalition to Protect Our Children, said in a statement. The coalition is concerned that unsuspecting kids could buy one of the hats, wear it in the wrong turf and then be targeted for attack.”

If that’s not bad enough, I have it on good authority the fiends in MLB’ licensing department have long authorized the sale of a dark cap with an interlocking “NY” on the front. Not only does said hat have obvious appeal to a deviant element, but imagine what could happen to a not-so street savvy child (say, Andrew Giuliani) who might wander into the wrong neighborhood?

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  1. Mark Swiderski says:

    Not to mention MLB’s continued sale of Colorado Rockies’ merchandise even though Crips adopted the “CR” logo the second it was put out to the public.

  2. Stan Koehler says:

    Hi Musnick

    I have an extra Crips hat that I can give you and I’ll eve escort you over near the Wagner projects at 120th and 1st Ave. Think what a funny column you could write about your experiences strolling the grounds. I’m sure Dr. Phil would be happy to share your pain.
    But on a more serious note – this is a real offer. Contact me and I’ll provide the hat and the escort – after all nothing might happen, the whole issue might just be a bit of community hysteria.
    Stan Koehler
    Peace on the Street

  3. GC says:


    your organization’s noble goals aside (ie. aside from grandstanding in this space), I certainly hope your cause has other spokespersons who can tell the difference between a blog post’s author and a third party who is referenced in said post. I suspect “Musnick” (sic) would wholeheartedly support a publicized attempt to shame MLB and New Era.

    I’ll admit to zero insights whatsoever regarding gang violence or the nature of related insignias, colors, etc. I did see the movie “Colors”, starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall, and I don’t recommend it very highly.

    If I’ve failed to differnentiate between media hysteria and a valid community concern, you have my sincere apologies. That said, I’m not wearing a Yankee hat to the Wagner projects — or anywhere else.

  4. Justin says:

    how much you want 4 that hat?

  5. shanny says:

    fuck dat hat man c’s up b’s DOWN get at me

  6. John says:

    Yeah How much for that hat?

  7. Scott says:

    Have you sold that hat yet Stan?

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