Passing Time Waiting For The Kevin Durant Lottery

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The last time I watched a maroon wearing visiting team do-their-thing in Austin, Colt McCoy left the building in an ambulance. From the looks of the grey meat being sold by one of the city’s lamer barbeque emporiums, they might need an entire fleet tonight.

I’m gonna have to watch the replay of the Knicks’ rematch with Big Ben’s bandless-skull (not to mention Duke/Indiana) later on. At the moment, I’m surrounded by snowcones and talcum powder (I assure you, that’s not a euphamism for anything) at the Frank Erwin Center, watching Texas’ Kevin Durant lay waste to a hopelessly overmatched Texas Southern.

Durant, oft compared to Kevin Garnett (and hopefully he’ll hook up with a point guard that we cannot compare to the professional version of Stephon Marbury) has 15 points in limited duty, as the Longhorns are up 47-20, with 4:32 remaining in the first half. A week ago, Texas allowed the Aussie-heavy Nicholls State to hang around for about 15 minutes, but there’s been no such hospitality this evening.

(UPDATE : Texas 90, Texas Soutern 50, finale! 22 points, 7 rebounds, one blockĀ  and a pair of 3’s for Durant without breaking much of a sweat in 23 minutes).

2 responses to “Passing Time Waiting For The Kevin Durant Lottery”

  1. matt says:

    durant is the best college talent that i can remember (i’m 24)…just from what i’ve seen this season. he was hesistant in the garden and was still smoother, faster, and more explosive than anyone who played in a collegiate basketball game that weekend. his talent dwarfs tj ford’s while he was in austin…but i’m also pretty sure dj augustin is also gonna leave our heads spinning. can’t wait until it’s january, the horns have won 12 games in a row…and i’m standing in front of the erwin center trying to trade my honda civic for a pair of tickets…it’ll be great

  2. GC says:

    he’s certainly kicking ass against weak competition. Another strong night for Pittman and Abrams. All of the above are clearly looking forward to conference play…these glorified exhibitions are building crazy expectations (and might be driving down the price of your Civic)

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