Pat Burke Strikes Fear Into Heart Of Mike D’Antoni

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The Suns are all the rage here in Phoenix. … Wait, what’s that? Yeah, I know. Not even the Cardinals’ hiring of Ken WhisenhuntTHE Ken Whisenhunt “ will distract Zonies from the streaking Suns, who are out for their 12th straight win tonight vs. the Trail Blazers.

Having reeled off 15 straight wins already this season, I’m starting to worry what this bandwagon will look like come April. More impressive is how they’re doing it: Coach Mike D’Antoni (above) has been relying on an eight-man rotation that has been reduced to seven with an injury to Kurt Thomas (out four to six weeks).

The starters are logging heavy minutes, but the thought of dipping into his bench makes the paranoid/protective D’Antoni sweat right through that porn mustache (via The Arizona Republic):

“I’m not going to jeopardize this for them,” D’Antoni said. “I’m just not going to do it. I don’t think it’s fair to Steve (Nash) and everybody else that works their butts off. If somebody can come out and earn (minutes), that’s fine. But they have to be ready.”

Pat Burke, folding towels in the locker room, not available for comment. Where’s Paul Shirley when you need him?

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  1. Adam Maynard says:


    I am a huge Suns fan and love reading your blogs man. You are a staple in my buddies weekly report to all Cardinals and Suns fans (the Caw-Caw report, and Tito’s Tidbits), and our small contingent of real Suns fans love you.
    I am teaching in Thailand, but read the AZ central everyday, so keep posting. Tell Mike D to get his head straight and log you some minutes. Also, are you going to All Star Weekend? If so, how many players that you would bump into would know that you’re in the NBA? A response would be greatly appreciated for a good quote in Tito’s Tidbits next week.

    Cut from high school b-ball twice,

    Adam Maynard

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