Paul Pierce Continues To Take Chances With His Right Knee

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Risky business for sure, but when we consider the Red Sox had a chance to get a runner into scoring position before last night’s tilt against the Cards even began, the initiative, if not the sheer guts of Paul Pierce oughta be applauded.  Not shown : Brian Scalabrine charging the mound during B.P.

2 responses to “Paul Pierce Continues To Take Chances With His Right Knee”

  1. Rog says:

    Also not shown: that wheelchair at the ready and some dumb sportscaster waiting to make some ill-advised Willis Reed comparison. At least Curt Schilling made the catsup on the white sock look real. I understand that Mr. Pierce grew up near the same environs that I did and all I can say is that the man better not show up in the old hood and act like he’s all gangsta and shit. Mr. Vlade Divac, on the other hand, would love to shake his hand.

  2. Ward York says:

    Yes, Rog, because flopping every time someone makes contact w/ you and your beard, and going to the locker room after landing awkwardly and possibly twisting your knee (or worse) are one and the same.

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