Pedroia To Fenway Grounds Crew : I Did My Job, How About You?

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(I cannot tell a lie — this sign doesn’t appear on the lawn of a Red Sox groundskeeper, nor anywhere in New England)

It’s amazing to think the Red Sox won 56 out of 81 games at Fenway Park this season without the lousy working conditions holding them back, but you never know when the reigning AL MVP might have trouble being accountable with a routine play. In the aftermath of Boston being swept by the Angels, the Providence Journal’s Joe McDonald fixates on a play that occured just prior to Juan Rivera’s RBI single off Jonathan Papelbon in the 8th inning of Sunday’s 7-6 defeat.

With the Red Sox still leading 5-2 in the top of the eighth inning, the Angels had runners on first and second when Kendry Morales hit a would-be double-play grounder to Pedroia. It took a bad bounce, forcing Pedroia to dive for the ball and when he made it to his feet he only had time for a play at first.

When asked if he could he ve turned a double play on Morales’ grounder, Pedroia gave a bold answer.

“Yeah, it took a bad hop,” he said with blood gushing from his right knee from the dive. “Our infield [stinks]. It’s the worst in the game. I’m not lying about that. That is true. It took a bad hop and I just tried to put my body in front of it to get an out.”

Pedroia talked about teams capitalizing on breaks, just like the Angels did in the last two innings en route to victory. Papelbon didn’t make a bad pitch in the situation, he induced a ground ball. Morales did hurt the Sox with a hit, either. It was a bad break for Boston.

“I think about those things, too,” said Pedroia. “That stuff upsets me. My job is to take 1,000 ground balls a day, and other guys’ job is to get the field perfect so we can play baseball. It happens. That’s the way it goes.”

14 responses to “Pedroia To Fenway Grounds Crew : I Did My Job, How About You?”

  1. kailuan says:

    thats why it a nations of “B-holes”

    obnoxious when buying victory ( only 100 million world series champs ever)
    and delusional when losing.
    hope the next curse has begun!

  2. macronesia says:

    Pedroia can say anything he wants and I’m sure much of this sentiment was out of frustration….However, both teams played on the same infield and why is this the first time that I have heard that Fenway has the worst infield surface in MLB?!

  3. Rich Russo says:

    Sounds like Pedroia is a big whiner , just like the rest of Deadsawk nation.

  4. John Leach says:

    Somewhere, Edgar Renteria is laughing his ass off.

  5. joe valente says:

    A Red Sox crybaby? Quelle surprise!

  6. HoleinOne says:

    As a long time Red Sox fan, this is not whining but a fact. Virtually all who play at Fenway would agree.

  7. Nathan says:

    Last time I checked, the opposition had to play on the same field the Sox do. Maybe if Boston didn’t build their lineup to be so Green Monster friendly (right handed pull hitters) they could also take advantage of the so-called bad conditions in and around second base.

  8. Dennis says:

    Does it surprise anyone that the RedSox are out? Field problems or not, it was inevitable. You can’t go into the post season playing the way they were at the end of the season and expect to get anywhere in the playoffs. I am a huge Sox fan and all I can say is, “quitcha bitchin'” and take the loss like a man.

  9. Jeff says:

    Fuck off bitches. Jealously brings hate.

  10. jack says:

    “obnoxious when buying victory ( only 100 million world series champs ever)
    and delusional when losing.
    hope the next curse has begun!”

    You’re a complete idiot. I’m surprised you can breathe. If the red sox ‘bought’ a championship, what does it mean if the Yankees win this year with a 200 million dollar payroll?

    You would have been better aborted. I’m sure your mom agrees.

  11. a good craftsman never complains about his tools. but get a new infield boston!

  12. Reggie says:

    I laugh at how someone writes something and people run with it. I’ve seen every interview since the Sox lost and have yet to see this “quote” from Pedroia confirmed. He’s going to get a bad rap for this and it hasnt even been confirmed that he even said it. If he did, I look at him in a whole different light but I honestly cant see him blaming the grounds crew for a loss. He is not that type of person and has never put blame on anyone else but himself if he messed up. I am a lifelong Sox fan and hate to see them lose, but this time, they DID lose to a better team this year…and Papelbon blew a save but is still one of the premier closers in the game and if Sox fans start talking about wanting to get rid of him and he stinks, then theyre not true fans and have no clue about baseball. If it werent for Papelbon, they wouldnt have won in 2007, wouldnt have been in game 7 of the ALCS last year and wouldnt even have made the playoffs this year…remember what you had before he came and think twice before wishing him out of town….Foulke was good but said he “hates baseball”(love the passion Keith) and I have two words for Sox fans who want to get rid of Papelbon for one bad inning in 30 playoff innings….HEATHCLIFF SLOCUMB!!!!!

  13. OhMan says:

    Nathan, really?

    Right Handed Pull hitters that the lineup is built around? The same lineup that goes L, R, S, R, L, R, R, L, R? And on some days is even more left handed?

    Wow, look at all those dead pull right handed hitters, man, 9 straight. Give me a break, try actually looking at the lineup.

  14. John Kalell says:

    I’ve worked on that grounds crew for over 17 years and I come out every day and bust my ass to get it in shape. My dad got me the job and ever since then, I have done everything in my power to make him proud. The other day, I slept on the roll up field mat so I could be up bright and early to trim the right field line. I know for damn sure I trimmed that line to perfection. Every day before the game, that line is as straight as the trim on my dad’s 1973 benz and the on deck circle is as smooth as my 22 year old little brother’s hairless bum.

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