Peter King Unleashes His Inner Mushnick…

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(and it looks like an oil can!)

…and Joey at Straight Bangin’ puts the hammer down.

you’re the prude of the week. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Tell Mary Beth and Laura (his daughters) that they shouldn’t be watching it. Don’t tell us what should or shouldn’t be on television. And keep those opinions to yourself. No one likes thinking that their football news comes from a guy who apparently wishes that Heidi were shown in primetime every night when Big Papi isn’t available. (And you live in New Jersey; what’s with the New England dick riding?! It all seems so self-consciously reactionary, and that’s lame.)

On a completely unrelated aside, to my good friends at TNT, if “sometimes the hardest life to save is your own,” that makes it sound like being a paramedic is a breeze. Let’s see 40 minutes plus commercials about a guy who has to save his own life every week.

2 responses to “Peter King Unleashes His Inner Mushnick…”

  1. Syracuse Mut Fan says:

    I’m not a Peter King fan, but really, someone expressing their distatste for the constanantly lowering bar of prime time TV should make us suspect everything the guy writes? Buwaahaa. W&G was agenda-driven programming in its very concept, so one can only imagine how the show’s Writer’s/Producer’s were jerking each other off celebrating their latest cultural coup d’etat.. I prefer voting with my remote control over censorship,and I probably missed the W&G “big finale” whilst enjoying a rerun of the Man Show. But let’s face it, most reasonably well adjusted people are probably correct in expressing concern over the corrosive long-term effect on society – that TV’s ongoing quest to find the lowest-common-denominator represents. It’s not just W&G going potty-mouth.. After all, look at any FOX baseball broadcast and tell me that a young Babe Ruth would not have quit playing the game had he suffered through viewing a single Saturday broadcast. In fact, listening to Lou Pinella do color on the FOX Saturday Mets-Marlins game had me thinking that hacky sack isn’t that bad after all.

  2. GC says:

    thanks. Had I known that “Will & Grace” was “agenda driven programming” (as opposed to yet another dippy sitcom) I might’ve actually checked it out once before it went off the air!

    Other than that, I think we’ll have to part ways on this issue. I’m not convinced that crap TV has a corrosive long-term effect on society (though the continued employment of Jim Belushi and/or Howie Mandel doesn’t say much for our standing as a cultured nation), and finding the LCD is, in a nutshell, the heart of most commercial activity on a mass scale. Some folks are less conflicted about finding the LCD than others, and/or they’re much better at cutting to the chase.

    But enough about Gawker Media’s sports site. Have you made your plans for next weekend yet?


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