Philly Photog To Riot Phans : You Flipped My Ride, Now Fix It

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From the “25 Years To Win A Major Championship, 25 Seconds To Flip Over A Car Dept.” :

I couldn’t afford a full coverage insurance policy on my car so my insurance company won’t cover a vandalism claim. I also had to hire a towtruck to flip it back because Triple A doesn’t cover this either. I can’t afford to buy a new car or to have this one fixed – if it’s even possible. I work as a freelance videographer and a car is crucial for me being able to work and get to my different jobs.

There was alot of people on Broad Street last night. If all the people who were hanging out near Broad and Washington (where the car was flipped) gave me ten dollars I could probably buy a new car… or if all the people who actually flipped my car gave me a thousand dollars that could work too.

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  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    Call it blaming the victim, but I would consider leaving your car on S Broad St on an evening where a Philly sports team was in a position to win the first championship in 25 years as being contributory negligence. However, the guy was good-natured enough about it that I tossed him a fiver.

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