ALCS Game 2 : Pierzynski Steals First

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White Sox 2, Angels 1

Suffice to say a certain former Giants and Twins catcher will receive quite a welcome when the White Sox are introduced prior to Friday’s Game 3.

From Section 531 of the Cell, it didn’t look like a dropped third strike. And I guess it didn’t look that way from the Angels’ dugout, either.

Though Mike Scioscia was perfectly justified (and from the looks of the replay, in the right) while arguing that Kelvim Escobar’s strike out of A.J. Pierzynski (above) had ended the bottom of the 9th inning, perhaps the extended appeal did Escobar few favors. The Los Angeles/Anaheim/Planet Earth reliever had already thrown 37 pitches prior to facing Joe (Even Jesus Hates) Crede, and a 5 minute intermission probably didn’t help.

It’s pretty weird to think the White Sox won this game thanks to Pierzynski’s gamesmanship after dubious baserunning decisions had already been so costly earlier in the night (Aaron Rowand trying to score from third on Vlad Guerrero’s overthrow with none out in the first, Crede being doubled off 2nd by Garrett Anderson in the 8th — our friends watching at home claim that Crede got in under the tag after Juan Uribe had lined out).

Lost amidst the AJ-gate controversy is Mark Burhle’s heroic 5 hitter (4 K’s, no walks), an economic gem from the White Sox starter who baffled the Angels all night save for Robb “Karen Ann” Quinlan’s solo HR to left. And with the possible exception of Scioscia not picking up the ball discarded by C Josh Paul and tagging Pierzynski out himself, I can’t really say he was outmanaged, either. The Angels skipper’s decision to pull starter Jarrod Washburn after only 77 pitches (4 2/3 innings, 1 run, 4 hits) seemed curious at the time, but the visitors’ relief corps performed admirably. They’ll be quick to remind us that Joe Crede’s walk-off double occured after the third out of the 9th had been recorded.

(Southpaw reacts angrily to this reporter’s suggestion that the Stickfigure CD is overpriced at $3.99. Yours truly was asked to leave the White Sox team store moments later).

12 responses to “ALCS Game 2 : Pierzynski Steals First”

  1. J says:

    Crede was out at second (on Uribe’s liner) from where I sat (in front of my television). Which lead to a difficult conversation with my girlfriend regarding why he didn’t have to be tagged out.

  2. Joe Schmidt says:

    Crede was out. Didn’t the third strike bounce up into Paul’s mitt? As always, the girlfriend conversations are legion.

  3. CSTB says:

    I forgot to mention that my friends watching at home are named Ronnie Milsap and David Blunkett.

    If either of you have girlfriends that are neither imaginary or inflatable, you must not be regulars around here. Thanks for posting.

  4. william says:

    Crede was most definately out at 2nd. The bogus ‘dropped third strike’ call is absurd. With all the right calls the umps do make,it is a shame that a bad one set up the winning run.I was pulling for the Sox,but after that call,my heart goes with the Angels. Burhle pitched a gem though.

  5. CSTB says:

    …just saw the replays. Indeed, Crede was nailed at 2nd. And after repeated viewing, it looks like Paul caught the pitch, as opposed to having trapped it.

  6. mmvtan says:

    Great game, too bad the umps won.

  7. Tim Adams says:

    Gerard, what row in Sec. 531? That’s a good section if you’re in the first 8 rows or so. I was in 524. Oh, and the ump blew the call, but Paul fucked up by immediately assuming A.J. was out. I’ll take it.

  8. CSTB says:

    row 9, Tim. Not a bad seat at all, though as you’re no doubt aware, I’m more accustomed to watching ballgames from Jeff Wilpon’s private box at Shea Stadium, usually joined by Jeff and his lovely wife, Will Leitch, Peppi and Mickey Marcello of The Good Rats and other members of Queens high society. This whole practice of actually watching the game is a novel one for me — none of my neighbors in sec. 531 had any interest in discussing the Video iPod, next weekend’s likely box offices grosses or even the earthquake in Pakistan. To make matters worse, they don’t sell Prawn sandwiches in the upper deck at the Cell. I don’t know how you can put up with it.

  9. Tim Adams says:

    Gerard, very surprised to hear that you didn’t have any pull with any of the B-list celebs in attendance that have switched from the Cubs to the Sox this series — the very talented Billy Corgan, the box office dynamo John Cusack, and the very hygenic Ronnie Woo-Woo. Your loss, I guess.

  10. CSTB says:

    surely Billy c. is entitled to attend a game without his loyalties to the Cubs being questioned. Though it must’ve been scary for any young children that might’ve caught a glimpse of him last night.

    Though Cusack is having a rough decade or two, “Tapeheads” alone excuses most of his crimes against cinema.

  11. Derek says:

    Has Escobar ever heard of a waste pitch on 0-2?

    Crede most likely would have hacked at it, and then there’s no “controversy.”

  12. Greg K. says:

    On the post-game interview on the radio, Crede said that he thought he hit a split-finger fastball that Escobar left up too high.

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