Pitching Not the Problem at CBP

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The usual post-Adam Eaton bullpen patchwork (including 2-plus innings from ostensible Monday starting pitcher Kyle Lohse) kept the Phillies in a 2-0 game until the 7th, but with a pair of errors the Nats now lead it 4-0. Guess David Wright had a good point:

If we go out and win the next two, it puts a lot of pressure on Philadelphia. We know what it’s like to be chased. Now all of a sudden, the pressure turns to them.”

Ok, I’m not superstitious (if I were, I’d blame GC for talking about Maine’s no-hitter) but Aaron Rowand just led off the 7th with a solo homer. Phillies’ offense vs. the Washington bullpen from here.

3 responses to “Pitching Not the Problem at CBP”

  1. Marc says:

    I can’t believe I just became a Chad Cordero fan.

  2. GC says:

    I can’t believe I was cheering for Robert Fick. I mean, no one on earth should do that. Not even Nationals fans.

  3. Chuck Meehan says:

    One more game like Saturdays hangover and it may end the Phillies being the
    team that choked.

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