Postcard From Gonerfest, Pt. II

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There’s hardly been a shortage of fine performances at Gonerfest 5 thus far ;  under normal hit-or-miss rock fest circumstances, the Sic Alps’ reverb-soaked set Thursday night would’ve been a gig-of-the-year contender (please, save the “you must not go out very often” chatter for someone else — I go out all the time, I just have much lower standards then you).  But much like the fateful auditions for the voice of Poochy The Rockin’ Dog, the Sic Alps have been forced to relinquish the crown of The World’s Greatest Band (Of The Past 48 Hours) in favor of the London trio Black Time.

To paraphrase Giuseppe Franco, I don’t have anything to do with Black Time. I don’t know a thing about them.  But I do know that unless or until the Scanlon/Hanley X 2/Burns/M.E.S lineup of the Fall reforms, I’m unlikely to see an English band (or perhaps a human band) so totally locked-in.  I don’t know of many bands under the age of 100 that could’ve held their own alongside Chain Gang, the Panther Burns in their prime or the first couple of Flesh Eaters incarnations, but I’m not exaggerating when I claim Black Time are the perfect antidote to feed whichever of your friends complain about contemporary music sucking.  I’ve got a couple of (borderline) pals like that, and if they don’t make it to Emo’s on Monday to see Black Time, the Cola Freaks and the No No No Hopes, at the very least, I’ll know who to delete from my social networking buddy list.

6 responses to “Postcard From Gonerfest, Pt. II”

  1. ben schwartz says:

    What’s Gonorfest? I thought all you need to get rid of gonorrhea is a pencillin shot? Why do they need some hipster benefit for it? How about condom fest? I’ll say it again, but the mix of music and sports around here is a big disappointment.

  2. Repoz says:

    If Black Time is better than Chain Gang…i’ll go back to boozin’ (10-years free from the chase…yeah!) and mixing tiny glass sprinkles into my douchy brother’s cereal.

  3. kt says:

    hope you saw eric and the happy thoughts, my absolute favorite band in the world right now. and if they didn’t play the day show i hope you don’t miss a/v murder, best chicago band there this year.

  4. GC says:

    I didn’t say “better”, R. But Black Time are returning to the NYC area soon. Perhaps your brother might wanna hire a taster.

  5. Jon Solomon says:

    Great band. Black Time’s album “Blackout” made my Best of 2006. I will have to go dig it up…

  6. Tommy Hoops says:

    Terre T. taped a live session with Black Time a week or so ago in the WFMU studios that should air in early October. Cherry Blossom Clinic!


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