Princess A-Rod “Couldn’t Care Less” About Subway Series

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The New York Post’s George King depicts the Bronx Bombers as being decidedly blase about this weekend’s trio of games at Shea Stadium.

Yes, the games count. Sure, the aging stadium in Queens will be alive. But the juice went out of Yankee-Mets in October of 2000 when the Yankees won the World Series, 4-1, over the Mets. When Mike Piazza’s fly nestled into Bernie Williams’ glove for the final out, the regular season Subway Series became irrelevant in the Yankees’ eyes. They beat the Mets easily in the World Series. What could six games in the summer mean?

“Last year I got caught up in it because it was my first one,” Alex Rodriguez said of the Subway Series in which he went 0-for-11 in the three games at Shea. “This year I could care less.”

You’d think a guy who is at the gym every morning at 7am while his peers are nursing hangovers or taking their kids to school would muster up a little more enthusiasm for this series, particularly when his team are still 5 1/2 games out of first place in the AL East. Then again, when you’ve won as many World Championships as Alex Rodriguez (I can’t remember the exact total but I’m pretty sure it ends with a zero), you can’t get too excited over this sort of thing.

We shouldn’t expect Rodriguez or any of the Yankees to be cutting promos like Ric Flair, but if the Princess can’t get pumped up about playing to a full house, at least half of whom think he sucks, maybe he’s in the wrong business.

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  1. ben schwartz says:

    What’s this on-going oversensitivty CSTB has with the NYC subways? First you won’t give up on John Rocker for hating them and now you’re on A-Rocker for not caring at all about them. Maybe red state ballplayers likes these simply don’t appreciate them like you?

    Also, what’s all this about a CSTB benefit with David Byrne? Old news! I know CSTB helped launch punk rock and the Ramones and all that “back in the day,” but really, time to move on, stop with your name-dropping and passing the hat around and trying to resurrect the past and just sell your t-shirts. Look at Sam Phillips, emulates his Sun Records career through the 80s, show some class.


  2. High Cheese says:

    “This year I could care less.” – I actually heard eh-Rod say that about Schilling too. Doesn’t that sentence imply that he does care some, perhaps too much? Shouldn’t he be saying “I couldn’t care less” if he means that he doesn’t care at all? Why isn’t anyone doing something about this? CTSB?

  3. Sam Frank says:

    I hate to stick up for A-Ron (Scientology really ain’t what it used to be), but he didn’t misspeak. I’m no fancy-pants linguist, but, whereas “I couldn’t care less” is straightforward (if hyperbolic), “I could care less” is sarcastic–in meaning and very often in inflection. Like, I could theoretically care about something less than about NASCAR, but what it might be I couldn’t care to imagine. So, same difference.

  4. highcheese says:

    Really?! I still don’t get it.

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