Protect Ya Neck, Jose

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Or, if you prefer, “No-Longer In First Place Skipper Lectures Reyes On Baseball Etiquette”.  From the Philadelphia Daily News’ David Murphy :

As Jose Reyes circled the bases at Shea Stadium with his right index finger held high in the air after his go-ahead, three-run home run off Ryan Madson on Wednesday night, Phillies broadcaster Larry Andersen (above, left) suggested on air that one of the team’s pitchers “oughta put one in his neck” for his showmanship.

That didn’t happen, but Charlie Manuel acknowledged before yesterday’s game that some members of the team thought Reyes’ display was insulting.

“I look at both sides of that,” Manuel said. “He’s a very talented player and he can be one of the best players in baseball. But at the same time, he’s got some growing to do, and he’s got some learning to do.”

“A lot of times, if you take the personality away from a guy, he doesn’t perform as well,” Manuel said. “That’s a fine area there . . . Cockiness can be good if it’s handled right.”

Given that Reyes — suddenly a whipping boy for the Philadelphia papers, too! — manages to turn up at the ballpark earlier than 15 minutes before the first pitch, perhaps Manuel ought to worry about his own clubhouse.

5 responses to “Protect Ya Neck, Jose”

  1. Marc says:

    When did the Phillies become affiliated with the Iowa Chops?

  2. Jason Cohen says:

    Hey, lay off Charlie, he was extremely reticent about the topic – if Bowa was still manager his comments would have made the back page of the Post (and Moyer would have gotten kicked out of the game in the first inning).

  3. A.G. says:

    So wait, if Charlie Manuel’s team was in first place and Rollins made it to the clubhouse on time, the “lecture” would be acceptable?

    Of course, Manuel’s team has Brett Myers on the payroll, so maybe they shouldn’t be lecturing anybody…

  4. Chuck Meehan says:

    I dont have a problem with Reyes or any player who gets amped when they
    come up big in a huge situation and I do not consider it as being mocking. What Reyes does is not much different than Shane Victorino or JC Romero.

  5. itsmetsforme says:

    Now that you own Charlie Manuel, the only remaining questions is how are you going to keep up on the maintenance?

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