Pumped-Up Pop Warner Coach Romo : Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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What better role model for a youth football squad, than a former NFL linebacker who broke a teammate’s jaw, spat in an opponent’s face and was one of the more prominent BALCO clients? Or were they just not able to find Jack Tatum’s cell number? From last Wednesday’s SF Chronicle, as reported by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross

Late in the game, one of the Lafayette kids tripped a Piedmont player — or so it apparently seemed to Bill Romanowski (above, background). People who were there say Coach Romo got in the face of the Lafayette seventh-grader, accusing him of playing dirty.

“That’s cheating, and you can’t win by cheating,”
Romanowski told the boy, according to the mom of one of the Piedmont players.

“It felt inappropriate — but not scarily inappropriate,” said the mom, who didn’t want to be quoted by name

There were no video cameras filming Thursday’s action — no doubt if there had been, the footage would have shown up on the Internet by now.

Phil Mushnick will be thrilled to learn that Romo has joined Lawrence Taylor as celebrity spokesmodel for the v.2 of “Blitz : The League”.

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  1. field negro says:

    Yeah right Romo; “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” Remember that? Although if it can help me get chiks like that…..
    Mmmmm I don’t know.

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