Q : Cite Six Words That Proceed Being Told “You’re Fired”

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(since photos of Scott Linehan are generally a dull affair, instead we’ll gaze lovingly at a snapshot of his brothers Brock and Brian).

A: “Trent Green is my starting quarterback.”
   In a move that surprised absolutely no one, the winless St. Louis Rams today relieved Scott Linehan of his head coaching duties today, but to the dismay of the Post-Dispatch’s Jeff Gordon, promoted defensive coordinator Jim Haslett (“not a great or terrible choice, just OK”) to the top position.

Haslett, alone, must take responsibility for the dreadful performance of the Rams’ defensive unit. He is lucky to still have a job, much less a better one.

His status has been a popular topic here at STLtoday.com for the past few weeks, while we all waited for Rosenbloom to finally pull the plug on hapless Linehan.

Many fans weren™t interested in Haslett’s potential as Linehan™s short-term successor. Fans wanted him to catch the same cab that awaited the head coach.

The Rams defense wasn™t buying whatever Haslett was selling this season. Again and again, the group collapsed. Physically, tactically and emotionally, his defense was unprepared to succeed.

This is a big opportunity for Haslett. If he can coax some wins out of this group, he will revive his own head-coaching prospects. His reputation took a beating during the last 20 games as the Rams degenerated into the laughingstock of the league.

If Haslett can get anything from a team that has lost 17 of 20 games, this organization and others will take notice.

Let™s hope for his sake -“ and the sake of long-suffering fans -“ he makes the most of an opportunity he really didn™t earn.

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  1. john says:

    Does no one have Davey Johnson’s number?

  2. GC says:

    that’s 7 words!

  3. Dalke Geedz says:

    “It’s always hard to say this…”

    It’s a shame we’ll never have that intimate coffee-table interview between Brian and Al Saunders.

  4. Ron Daddy says:

    “The Boss wants to see you”

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