Racist Fuck Down On His Luck To Appear On The Deuce

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John Rocker will be a featured guest on Monday morning’s “Cold Pizza” (ESPN2). Presumably, Rocker will visit Bristol to promote his upcoming appearance on Spike TV’s “Pros & Joes”, a series in which everyday schmucks get to test their skills against an array of washed up talent including Bill Romanowski, Dennis Rodman, Jim McMahon and Bill Goldberg. Spike’s press release doesn’t specify if Goldberg is appearing as a former Atlanta Falcon or a former professional wrestler

My first reaction upon learning that a cable network had commissioned a series featuring Rocker and Rodman was that someone must’ve found out Will Leitch is reporting to Nielsen.

Spike will have Rocker pitching BP in Bryant Park tomorrow afternoon. I don’t suppose it has occured to them that a photo opportunity on the 7 train could easily be arranged.

10 responses to “Racist Fuck Down On His Luck To Appear On The Deuce”

  1. Joel says:

    Wow. Rocker is racist jokes. In 2006. The originality never stops around here. Next week can we get some Jimmy-the-Greek or Al Campanis racist jokes?

  2. notorius says:

    I hope John’s schedule isn’t too busy for Klan Rallies now. What a sellout.

  3. vanjulio says:

    Chip’s white trash.

  4. kt says:

    can anyone confirm that scott stapp and john rocker are two seperate individuals?

  5. SS says:

    Cold Pizza is taped in NYC. That’s how Joel can stalk Dana Jacobsen with such ease.

  6. GC says:


    where’s the Rocker joke? Spike TV thinks his visit to New York is newsworthy…and so do I!

    And yeah, I will take credit for the originality in this instance. A psuedo-reality show starring Dennis Rodman and John Rocker is the first attempt I’ve seen by any cable network to really go after the burgeoning Deadspin demographic.

    As far as Jimmy The Greek or Al Campanis jokes are concerned, coming right up the minute someone decides to make TV stars out of them.

    I really think you lack the bouyancy to hang around here.

  7. josh says:

    why is richard buckner signing photographs

  8. notorius says:

    I stay up all night with a tape recorder making up Rocker is racist jokes. My days are spent sending facebook profiles to Deadspin.

  9. John says:

    Nice one, Josh. I thought it was Anthony from Bottle Rocket at first. But why has no one mentioned the hottie rocking out the Abercrombie & camo look? Where has this been all my life?

  10. GC says:

    actually, I misspoke. Jimmy The Greek was most certainly a TV star of sorts. And the minute his comeback begins, I’ll be sure to make some jokes about him.

    And in the credit where it is due dept., batting helmets off to Screech for the finest post of his short blogging life yesterday. While the lazy amongst us were merely alerting the rest of y’all to Rocker’s impending NYC visit, Will turned up in Bryant Park to take his cuts against the Racist Fuck.

    That Leitch wore a Cardinals jersey for the occasion is too-fucking-perfect. If MTV ever decides to commission a new season of “Jackass” and Johnny Knoxville, Bam, Steve-O etc. are priced out of the stratosphere, I think we’ve found the new host.

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