Radio Ga Ga : Match The Media Superstar With Their Undignified Public Incident

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A)Lee Corso, who doesn’t like to talk about posing nude (even if he brought it up himself).

B) Joan Rivers, who doesn’t like to talk about race (thanks to Jesper Eklow for the link).

C) the youthful “Alex” Reimer-Leitch, who followed his recent appearance on Stephen A. Smith’s “Quite Frankly” by having little or nothing interesting to say on AOL’s “Sports Bloggers Live” podcast. The program’s several dozen listeners have described Leitch’s contributions as rather insubstantial, though I think some allowance should be made for the fact he’s just turned 13.

7 responses to “Radio Ga Ga : Match The Media Superstar With Their Undignified Public Incident”

  1. Brushback says:

    Hey, you’ve added a “Will Leitch Sucks” category to your archives! Right on!!

  2. CSTB says:

    yeah, well, I figured since CSTB is no longer represented as part of Will’s “guide to the web” and my traffic hasn’t decreased, what have I got to lose?

  3. LR says:

    Will is actually a ridiculously nice guy. Just thought you should know, as your bashing of him has gotten a little creepy lately.

  4. CSTB says:

    LR, I’m sure to their friends and families, Stephen A. Smith and Woody Paige are ridiculously nice guys, too. Your pal has no trouble whatsoever poking fun at any number of sporting and media personalities, but does he actually have an interesting point of view of his own to offer? If his online, TV and podcast efforts of late are anything to go by, the answer is no.

  5. gawkastalka says:

    I agree with everything you just said. Except the part about Woody Paige having friends.

  6. Brushback says:

    So, Will Leitch can post photos on his website of married ballplayers and their one-night stands, openly gloat when ESPN employees get fired, and peddle stale, unsubstantiated rumors on an almost weekly basis about which athletes are gay, yet the rest of us shouldn’t say anything negative about Will Leitch because he’s a “ridiculously nice guy”? That makes no fucking sense at all.

  7. CSTB says:

    BB, I think you’re getting a little creepy. Leitch has many positivie qualities, I’m sure. He seems to be an excellent speller and appears to be very well regarded by any number of persons who don’t actually follow sports. So what if he likes to poke fun at people with Down’s Syndrome? What were you doing when you were 13?

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