Ray Rice Shines In Bowl Hardly Anyone Can Watch

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Rutgers 37, Kansas State 10

Crap protection for K-State’s Josh Freeman, 200+ yards on the ground for Rutgers’ duo of Ray Rice (above) and Brian Leonard (the vast majority to the ever-dependable Rice), and you’ve got an almost unwatchable, lopsided game that few persons in the New Brunswick area can see, thanks to the NFL Network’s clearance issues.

There’s no shortage of empty seats at Reliant this evening — perhaps the locals thought it was Mario Williams Appreciation Night.

I wasn’t planning on watching OSU/Bama but I wouldn’t be exaggerating one iota in saying the Independence Bowl was the best late afternoon, midweek football game I’ve seen this week.

How easily has Cal been moving the ball up and down the field against Texas A&M tonight? Peyton Manning is preparing his post game notes to he can call out the Aggies’ defense.

I know this is totally off-topic, but I saw the score of A&M’s hoops victory over Grambling State flash past on the ticker a few times today and had to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. Even George Karl thinks something is unseemly about this.

6 responses to “Ray Rice Shines In Bowl Hardly Anyone Can Watch”

  1. jason says:

    Where were all the articles about the Texas Tech and Minnesota fans who can’t watch the Insight Bowl?

    (shocking score in that game so far btw).

  2. GC says:

    not to labor on the obvious too much, but the NFL Network could do far worse than putting their NFL telecasts in the hands of the guys who’ve worked the Texas and Insight Bowls.

    Harrell can put up some insane passing numbers in a really short span, even when trailing. But yeah, I get your point. The plight of persons living near media hotbeds like Piscataway will always get greater ink than the viewing needs of Lubbock’s citizenry.

  3. jason says:

    Go figure, right after I make that comment my nice INHD feed of the football game was replaced by the Fox Sports HD feed of the Trail Blazers game. What’s especially ironic about that is I chose to sit at home watching college football over walking less than a mile to see my hometown NBA team’s only visit to Portland.

    Yeah, you can’t ever count out the Raider offense — well, by this point you can — but as a fan of the fourth-best Big 10 team I really didn’t think much of the 5th, 6th and 7th best teams. The other game is going more like I expected and I still think the Alamo will too.

  4. jason says:


  5. GC says:

    not only was the crowd in Tempe treated to an amazing 4th quarter comeback by Texas Tech, but they were also the beneficiaries (?) of a concert by Third Eye Blind.


  6. jason says:

    Well, you were right about that Tech offense and I was right about the Gophers sucking.

    I gotta say though, today was a good argument in favor of meaningless bowls games. Though, also a good argument that a playoff system wouldn’t render the lower tier bowls any more or less meaningless.

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