Red Sox Hatred At Fever Pitch : Mickey Mouse Mugged In Anaheim

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A 7 foot statue of Mickey Mouse decorated in Boston Red Sox colors/logos, placed at Anaheim’s Discovery Science Center as part of a promotion for the upcoming All-Star Game, was damaged by rodent-phobes over the weekend. The OC Register’s Mark Eades provides details without suggesting the statue had been mistaken for Dustin Pedroia.

Officials with the center noticed that Mickey had been vandalized Friday. The statue was removed Monday.

It appeared that someone had taken whacks with something at one of Mickey’s arms.

“There is a crack in one of the arms and some damage to the baseball Mickey is holding,” said Matt Bourne, a spokesman for Major League Baseball.

The statue was positioned in front of the museum on June 3 by Major League Baseball and Disney as part of a contest related to the upcoming All-Star Game at Angel Stadium on July 13.

Bourne said Major League Baseball is attempting to fix the damage caused by the vandals.
“It will be returned to the Science Center if it can be properly fixed,” Bourne said.

14 responses to “Red Sox Hatred At Fever Pitch : Mickey Mouse Mugged In Anaheim”

  1. Seitz says:

    This story has all my favorite stuff. Disney bashing AND Red Sox bashing, all while serving as a bit of a black eye for Orange County. It’s three for three!

  2. The Voice of Reason says:

    It’s not so much why people are bashing the Red Sox as why MLB has such a hard-on for the Red Sox.
    In 1999 when the All Star Game was at Fenway you didn’t see testamonials to other teams in Boston, quite the contrary. The question we should be asking is why did MLB turn down a higher bid to buy the Red Sox and allow the Henry-Warner group to buy them. If the day comes when we can get Bud Selig’s head out of Mr Henry’s ass maybe we’ll find out the answer. That and who really shot JFK.

  3. Tom says:

    let’s what could be wrong with the idea in the first place. mickey dressed in red sox gear in anaheim, what could go wrong with that idea? the only thing worse would have been mickey dressed in yankee gear. or maybe mlb just forgot that they have a team in anaheim.what a bunch of boneheads.

  4. Bulldog says:

    “…The question we should be asking is why did MLB turn down a higher bid to buy the Red Sox and allow the Henry-Warner group to buy them.”

    Uh….that higher bid had less liquid assets, less solid financial backing and came in at the last second while the Warner deal had been known for MONTHS, that’s why it was rejected.

    Honestly, do some of you people just randomly through stuff out there hoping no one will call you on it??

  5. Mike says:

    The two comments before are way out of line!!

    Should not be surprised, probably a Angel or Yankee fan.

    The Red Sox are one of the best teams this season.

    Go Red Sox!

  6. Sports fan says:

    Is this the best you two uneducated morons can come up with?! Really?! The problem with Red Sox haters, Boston sports team haters in general, is that whether they are winning or losing, their fans are loyal, almost to a fault. So sorry that you haven’t seen any Boston teams in such turmoil as far as scandals go. The best scandal that you can come up with is that Tom Brady had a beautiful child with a hot model, shame on him, NOT! You don’t see the rape charges, (Kobe), or abuse and rape charges (LT), or even paddy wagons (the Cowboys) full of players acting stupid and unappropriate. I live in Virginia, but have my eyes wide open. I say good for all of the Red Sox fans, and ANY Boston sports team fans. FYI, the Celtics woul’ve most certainly won if a scared LA team didn’t play rotten dirty pool and hurt Perkins. Look @ over that series, who had the most foul shots, etc. in EVERY game. The Celtics fought the good fight, led 3 out of 4 quarters, but just got a bit tired and robbed. When there was only a couple of minutes left in the game, the Celtics up by 1 still, Gastol clearly jumped before his shot, DIDN’T dribble again,and OMG, got no foul but did get the 2 pointer. If I was the Celtics @ that point, I’d be done as well!
    Clearly Boston team haters are just pissed that year after year they are loved, and the teams are ALWAYS a thorn in someones side. Boo-hoo.

  7. joe says:

    those poor celtics

  8. alex says:

    boston red sox are not that good this year, i find it kind of stupid that they wouldnt put the angels logo on mickey. honestly you guys are little children grow up. F*** BOSTON> GO YANKEES

  9. Rog says:

    As a Red Sox and Lakers fan, I hate all of you. ALL OF YOU. This thread was about baseball, not the Celtics. Try to concentrate, guy in Virginia. And don’t worry, when the Cubs win a WS then we’ll have to put up with an over-saturation of all things Cubs and then you intense hating haters will have something new to focus cause god knows you don’t have fruitful lives.

  10. doseofreality says:

    Really – from what alternate reality are you? No scandals? How quick you are to forget. What about Manny getting run out of town, Papi’s roids, Pedroia’s pedophile brother? What about the GM sneaking out wearing a gorilla suit? What about the Pats? How about this from Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe “Bill Belichick has forever placed Patriots fans on the defensive. The sports community associates the team with cheating. The three Super Bowl wins will forever be under suspicion. (By Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, 5/18/08”? Not to mention the Boston College point shaving scandal.

    No scandals… LMAO!!!!

    As for the Celtics, just remember, losers make excuses!

  11. AJ says:

    Wasn’t that higher bidder none other than Frank McCourt now owner of the Dodgers?
    Apparently good character is a business requirement in Boston but not in LA. No suprise there

  12. Dennis says:

    Well said comment # 6

    One previous comment said, Did they forget we had a team in
    Anaheim? No we didn’t forget we just don’t know where it is!

    And to all you other, ” I call myself a baseball Fan” fans, have
    you heard the term RED SOX NATION? It’s there for a reason.
    Everyone loves the Red Sox. Great entertainment night after
    night. Sorry no rapists, perverits, drug users, ect… Sorry you
    can all get that at home, courteousy of your local Sports Teams!

    And I tell it like it is. Celtic’s didn’t get robbed. They just made a
    TON of bad decisions. Fans love flashy plays but you need to play
    As well as you played, “YOU were a major reason why we didn’t
    bring it home to Boston.
    Say it ain’t so. Well just sit down with me and I’ll show you it is.

    That’s all folks

  13. Adam says:

    What the heck do you think would happen…what would happen to Mickey Mouse in an Anaheim jersey at Fenway? This was just a dumb move to start with, why was it there…

  14. GC says:

    closing this thread because Seitz and Rog aside, this is really depressing.