Ricky Signs With Argos, Pledges Positivity

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From the Toronto Star’s Rick Matsumoto.

Ricky Williams, sans the bushy beard and dreadlocks that had been his trademark, denied radio reports that he had attended a couple of Argo practices, but went unrecognized because of his altered appearance.

He’ll definitely be there when he lines up in the backfield today wearing jersey No. 27.

He said he wanted that number when he returned to the Dolphins last year after sitting out the 2004 season, but NFL rules do not allow high profile players to change numbers because of marketing profiles.

“This is a more positive outlook on life than I’ve had in the past and I wanted to initiate with No. 27, which is a positive number,” he said.

I’ll have to take Ricky’s word for it. And after all, who’d know more about testing postitive?

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  1. brian says:

    Hmm, by my crude reckoning, the other integers from 1 to 99 are also positive numbers. Between that quote above, and the mind-boggling 1st deal he signed with the Saints, you could almost believe that Ricky didn’t study any math at UT. Almost.

    Zero, on the other hand – I’m looking at you, Orlando Woolridge – is definitely not a positive number.

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