Ron Darling Has Transmogrified Into Rob Dibble

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(the bold new look of Ron Darling)

Amazin’ Avenue’s James Kannegleser kindly recapped some of the first week of the 2012 season’s highlights from SNY mouthpieces Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and the finest role model for gluten-intolerant sportscasters, Kevin Burkhardt (what, you were thinking Keith Olbermann?).  Last Monday night with the Mets facing the Nationals, Darling tackled the subject of pitch counts, and in particular, Washington’s carefully-guarded phenom, Stephen Strasburg.   See if the following doesn’t sound faintly familiar ;

Let me ask you a question. Why do these organizations — why do they want to pigeon-hole themselves? Why don’t they just keep their big mouths shut? There’s no reason to tell anybody that [Stephen Strasburg] is on any innings. They don’t owe anyone that. Just shut your mouth and let him pitch…

…Nothing better for baseball than taking a great young pitcher and not letting him be great. We should try that the rest of the way, see how it goes in 2025. C’mon he’s 6’4″, 240lbs…

…There’s no artificial way to keep a guy healthy. They did everything you’re supposed to do in the minor leagues and what happened? He had Tommy John Surgery in his first year! I mean, please. I’m so sick of the people who never played in the suits — or they’ve got the white smocks on — saying ‘I know how to legislate when a guy is going to get hurt. And I give him these innings or that innings and he’s definitely not gonna get hurt.’ They did everything you’re supposed to do. They did it all by the book, and in his first year he gets a Tommy John. Way to go. Fantastic. Great job. Did everything by the book. There’s no book! There is no book! I’m so sick of hearing it!

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