Ronni’s Mets Vlog Pt. IV : Some People Really Know How To Decorate

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I still maintain this guy bears a striking resemblance to Brooklyn’s no. 1 taco-tossing doo-wop proponent.

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  1. jeff jensen says:

    Uhhh…Gerard, I haven’t “tossed” a taco since Curtis left town. But thanks for the shout out, and yes, the resemblance is a little scary…the resemblance between Ronni’s mom and Calvert DeForest…I’m way fatter than Ronni. Speaking of fat, how about that irrelevant conference called The Big 12?!?! Allow me to use your comments function to send a special “fuck you” to Vitale, D. Phelps and all other expert analysts. The people of Stillwater don’t need you East coast snobs (the people of Stillwater need soap and dentists) but either way, note the miniscule national coverage of our perfect first round esp…in contrast to the towering twaddle given to the Big East over the last week. All Big 12 final 4!!!

  2. itsmetsforme says:

    how am I supposed to compete with this?

  3. Ben Schwartz says:

    Having never met (!) CSTB’s Met’s Fan Andrew, I’m glad I have this visual in my head whenever Andrew chooses to post.

    I’m not surprised to learn that Ronni isn’t a stats guy, but then he dismisses a Pedro –> LA move based on the lack of humidity out here and the effect it will have on Pedro’s curve ball. I’m not a “cafeteria catholic,” if you will, when it comes to baseball science. Indeed, I think you go by Science or you’re an Intuitionist, if I may borrow that term from Colson Whitehead, and I put it to Ronni to make up his mind.

    Also, as far as the paintings go. his mom is crazy not to go for the bold orange Mets logo on black background, which I suspect may be a black light poster — alto I never want to be in that basement in the dark to find out. Ever.

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