Rumeal Robinson, No Longer Considered For Dinner Theatre Cast Of “That’s My Mama”

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Rumeal Robinson has a varied resume ;  star at Cambridge Rindge & Latin, starting PG for Michigan’s 1989 National Championship squad, alleged-small time hood, and now, according to the Cambridge Chronicle’s Jillian Fennimorer, you can add “World’s Worst Son” to that checklist.  Robinson, you see, is accused of cheating his mom (by way of adoption) out of her longtime home (link courtesy Ryan Brown, who adds, “it’s Michigan/Michigan State weekend and I’ve got to find some enjoyment if we fall to the ‘Leaders and the Best'”).

Helen Ford, 65, is close to tears when she explains the day when a constable came to her door this past March and handed her an eviction notice ” giving her one month to clear her home of her belongings and leave. Back in 2003, Robinson, now 43 years old and living in Florida, allegedly tricked his foster mother into signing over the deed to her own home ” on a street named after him ” and transferred the property to people unknown to her. They held the home as collateral in a suspected business transaction gone wrong.

said what she thought she was signing was the mortgage so that Robinson could help her make the payments.

But it wasn™t.

She said Robinson told her of a real estate opportunity in Jamaica, where he was born, and asked for her support to build a luxury vacation resort.

But he didn™t.

For years, Ford said she didn™t receive any notices from the bank. No knocks on the door. She occasionally spoke to Robinson on the phone, but was never told that the mortgage was not being paid.

œI just couldn™t believe a son would do this, Ford said.

3 responses to “Rumeal Robinson, No Longer Considered For Dinner Theatre Cast Of “That’s My Mama””

  1. justicenatchez says:

    Man! Ryan! Giving up already? Can I come over to the house again this year with my Michigan jersey, or was that bad enough when you guys were whipping us last year?

  2. ryanbrown says:

    mr natchez-

    seeing as you’re an alumnus of Rhodes College and the co-writer of such songs as “Fake Puke” and “My Love is Disappointing,” i expect more from your reading comprehension skills. please notice the word IF in my quote. there is a chance UofM wins. especially if they score more points than MSU.

    also interesting is your choice of the word US. this coming from a guy who says he “roots for the underdog” in this series yet wears the maize and blue during football season and the Green and White during hoops?

    i’m afraid that, like your love, your fandom is quite disappointing.

    but lets not let your confusion get in the way of the story of Helen Ford who had her house stolen by her “son” and YOUR fellow Wolverine, Remedial Robinson.

    ps. your toast on the (fantasy)gridiron this weekend.

  3. justicenatchez says:

    ouch!! nice work spartans!!

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