Saints Fans Rejoice, Abuse Small Children

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Sure, it was a dramatic moment, but as much as I loved witnessing the fade of  Peyton Manning’s Christlike veneer, there’s no excuse for the torture of innocent kiddies. I count not one, but two toddlers being repeatedly being shaken and/or flung skyward.  For shame,  people of N’awlins (or nearby residents wearing black and gold), for shame.

2 responses to “Saints Fans Rejoice, Abuse Small Children”

  1. Finally, an answer to “Who Dat?”: DCFS.

  2. TodayandTomorrow says:

    Wait, those aren’t babies. Those are small children. Looks like this website and Rob do not know the difference between a baby and a small child. To me, this looks like their dad is being a good father by playing with his children. Some people have too much time on their hands!

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