Sanchez Does The Snakes Dirty

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Florida 2, Arizona 0

Assuming you don’t think Eric Brynes beat out an infield single with two out in the 9th (strange none of the highlight shows have bothered with a slow motion replay), Marlins rookie Anibal Sanchez fired the first no-hitter in the big leagues in over two years Wednesday night, blanking the Diamondbacks and making Boston’s acquisition of Josh Beckett/Mike Lowell look not-so-sharp in retrospect.

The Unit flirted with a no-no of his own last night before allowing a triple to K.C.’s David DeJesus in the 7th inning of the Yankees’ 6-3 win. DeJesus was picked off moments later by Jorge Posada. With all due respect to Sanchez, that’s the most awesome baseball moment of Wednesday night — trailing by 4 runs, the Royals centerfielder gets picked off third.

Marlins rightfielder Joe Borchard was interviewed early this morning by ESPN Radio’s Jason Smith. Smith was curious if the Fish were giving Sanchez the cold shoulder in the dugout. “You’re obviously not familiar with the dugouts at Dolphin Stadium,” replied Borchard. “They aren’t very big, and with all the call-ups, it’s pretty cramped. There’s nowhere to hide.”

Smith was also wondering why we’ve gone so long between no-hitters. The answer is obvious : Michael Kay’s repeated violations of baseball etiquette.

3 responses to “Sanchez Does The Snakes Dirty”

  1. Marc says:

    You spotted the D-backs a run. 2-0, not 2-1. Oops.

  2. Greg Diener says:

    Well at least it was Singleton/Kazmir Hater #1 on Yankees/Royals last night.

  3. ted says:

    He did look safe at first and the runner at second seemed to have slowed down
    to a jog after the awkward almost-tag. Still it was riveting finish for the 2000
    or so folks at the park.

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