SBXL Coverage Sinks To New Low

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Dan Patrick’s ESPN Radio program was visited today by former Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner.

Patrick asked Warner to assess his own viability as a Hall Of Fame candidate.

If this was Dan’s idea of a joke, Warner wasn’t laughing. You haven’t lived until you’ve been stuck in heavy traffic listening to Kurt Warner try to rank himself amongst the all-time greats. Nor have you really been alive until you’ve heard Warner throw the question back at Patrick, whom after some hemming and hawing, concluded “you’re not getting in.”


Hopefully Brenda’s NFL legacy can be explored on a later episode.

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  1. tim hinely says:

    as a lifelong rams fan (yes, it’s true) even i know a few sensational years does not a great career make. ok, maybe one sensational year and a few good ones but i never saw some just LOSE IT (whatever it was) like warner did. and i guess he is STILL married to the joan baez lookalike…….

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