Belated Postcard From the Vegas Summer League

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(Not pictured: Etan Thomas)

Had I taken any other photos (or just had a better cell phone camera and non-caffeinated hands), this is what they would have shown:

– Steve Kerr handing a dollar to the guy behind him, presumably a Minnesota muckety-muck, after the Suns lost to the Timberwolves.

– Gary Payton, forever a Sonic, sitting in the same row as Kevin Durant’s highly vocal mom (and she cheered on Jeff Green just as loudly).

– At the Cox Pavilion, all the GMs, scouts and VIPs were seated in a taped-off section right between a block of autograph-desperate children and the entrance for one team. When D.J. Strawberry came out early in the Sonics-Blazers game, ushers had to step in to keep them from blocking Sam Presti and Kevin Pritchard’s view.

-Dave Deckard of Blazer’s Edge was wearing this:

Funny, I thought that was Steve Patterson’s slogan.

Question: How come when A&R guys spend the duration of a rock show thumbing their PDA itâ„¢s seen as dickish, but when an NBA GM or scout does it during games, they’re just intense and always on the job?

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  1. Mark Swiderski says:

    I lived in Vegas last summer, so I went to a few days worth of Summer League games. Did they inexplicably sing the national anthemn before each game, again? Were the Maloof brothers the most frequent target of autograph seeking children? Was that jock sniffer who wears weird hats and an ascot and sits on the sidelines at all the Laker and Clipper games there again?

  2. Ben says:

    This is considered dickish because more often than not a musical act performs with the house lights down (or dimmed) and the LCD of whatever PDA their using is a big distraction to folks who are there to see the band. This is not unlike people using cell phones in a movie theater. Who enjoys random light bursts moving around in front of them and in their periphery after they pay good money for the concert/movie?

    Of course, this is to say nothing of the analytical methods of many A&R folks. ref. The Bravery.

    peace dude!


  3. marc says:

    It’s unlikely that D.J. Strawberry came out of the Sonics-Blazers game, since he’s (at least temporarily) a member of the Phoenix Suns.

  4. Jason Cohen says:

    He came out to the section where the kids were clamoring for autographs, not out of the game.

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