Sean Wright-Phillips : Sporting Businessman Of 2007

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Though he didn’t figure on the scoresheet for Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat of Newcastle yesterday, Sean Wright-Phillips has managed to follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps of such classy sports pioneers as Fred Smerlas, Fran Tarkenton and Alex Rodriguez. Losing The Dressing Room fills in the blanks.

Some of you may be aware of Babestation, the channel right up the far end of the Sky Digital cluster wherein over-made up girls with blonde highlights, clearly either lapdancers at establishments that had just closed down after a police raid or university students who lived locally for a purpose, lie around in thongs on a bed in a studio space the size of a full stockroom and occasionally jiggle their breasts or thrust their arses out in a bored fashion.

Anyway, it’s partly financed by Shaun Wright-Phillips. Although he denies it’s as much as £20,000 in what passes for conversation in this 1Xtra interview, clearly he has the tone of a schoolboy caught out leafing through the stuff he found in a hedgerow. Our other favourite bit of this is when he has a pop at Joe Cole for “listening to his own stuff, he doesn’t like to mix it” (own stuff, needless to say, Oasis), just after revealing the entire rest of the dressing room listens to the same R&B as him.

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