Sell The Knicks.com Has Your Wednesday Afternoon & Evening All Planned

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Don’t these folks have anything better to do than harrass a struggling musician?

(J.D., Joey Welz was just on the phone. He wants his persona back)

While the Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett portrays the Celtics in hot pursuit of Allen Iverson and Sebastain Telfair (the latter being obtained from Portland in exchange for tonight’s no. 7 overall pick and Dan Dickau), the Chicago Tribune’s Sam Smith has Charlotte and Memphis both in the mix for A.I.

The Washington Post’s Ivan Carter hints the Wizards — sitting on the 18th and 48th picks, might be interested in Milwaukee’s Jamal Magliore.  The Bucks will enter this evening’s festivities without a first round selection.

There’s no truth to the rumor the above video was compiled and uploaded by someone with a stake in Andrea Bargnani or Tyrus Thomas being picked no.1 by Toronto.

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  1. josh says:

    I don’t get the Telfair trade at all- He was picked below the 7th pick two years ago and has looked shaky at best running the Blazers. Why is he worth the 7th pick after doing nothing for two years? I know this isn’t a great draft but still…

    Does Dan Dickau ever unpack?

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