Sharper Laying In Wait For ReX-Rated Grossman

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(funny, the sort of things that pop up when you type “wild, cocky, brash QB” into Google image search)

C’mon, why won’t anyone just tell us exactly what Rex Grossman said to the Vikings’ Darren Sharper? The Chicago Sun-Times’ Bradd Biggs, despite doing such great work for Slash Records years ago, totally falls down on the job.

”I’ve never had a quarterback say the things he said, and I’ve been playing 10 years,” Vikings strong safety Darren Sharper said Wednesday of the September meeting at the Metrodome in which Grossman threw a game-winning touchdown pass to Rashied Davis with 1:53 to play. ”I’ve gone against some wild, cocky, brash quarterbacks. I felt like he stepped over the line a little bit.”

‘He was running his mouth pretty much the whole game, and especially when he threw that last touchdown. He came over and said some things to my fellow safety and a couple of our defensive players. … It’s one of those X-rated things where I can’t say it.”

”When we finally got the touchdown pass, I probably went overboard a little bit with some of my emotions, some of the things I said,” Grossman said. ”But it was in that moment.

”I never talk trash. You don’t want to get them pumped up. But at that point … maybe that was the only situation where I could let it go. It was pissing me off. I couldn’t help but say something.”

It’s Round 2 of bad blood for the division rivals. Bears center Olin Kreutz shot back at Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams last season before the teams’ second meeting. Williams had called Kreutz a ”joke,” and his agent suggested Kreutz had blackballed his client in Pro Bowl balloting. Kreutz replied by labeling Williams a ”fat slob.”

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  1. Dmac says:

    Rex should be spending less time talking and more time figuring out how to throw an actual deep ball once in awhile. Cornerbacks are starting to play center field back there, just waiting for the inevitable jump ball that Rex seems preternaturally inclined to throw – even Al Davis thinks he throws too deep these days.

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