Sheff : Start The Witch Hunt Without Me

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Hopefully, George Mitchell has Randy Velarde’s phone number. Until then, here’s one prominent superstar’s point of view, as quoted by USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.

Tigers slugger Gary Sheffield joined Barry Bonds on Monday among players who don™t plan to cooperate with former Senator George Mitchell™s steroid investigation.

œThe (players) association told us this is just a witch hunt, Sheffield told USA TODAY. They don™t want us to talk to them. This is all about getting (Bonds).

œIf this was legitimate and they did it the right way, it would be different. But this a witch hunt. They™re just trying to collect a lot of stuff that doesn™t make any sense and throw the (expletive) against the wall.

“Come on, it™s baseball season, Sheffield said. Nobody™s got time for this stuff now.

2 responses to “Sheff : Start The Witch Hunt Without Me”

  1. swbkrn says:

    Not everyone is cheating. We need to recognize those honest champions rather than constantly reporting on the cheaters. Only the customer can force change. . . the fans. The fans need to demand a change . . . have you seen http://www.livetrue61.com?

  2. Rog says:

    Yum, thanks for the spam, spam dude. If you want to make new friends around here, go down to Spring training and shave all of Sheff’s facial hair…except the mustache. You don’t know how much that would mean to me.

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