Sherman : Phillies Are Soriano Frontrunners

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Along with citing Colorado’s supposed interest in Carl Pavano (perhaps Denny Neagle can introduce him to a nice girl?), the New York Post’s Joel Sherman takes the temperature of the Alfonso Soriano competitors.

The Phillies and Cubs were portrayed as the front-runners for free agent Alfonso Soriano by several executives at the GM Meetings. The Dodgers and Angels are believed to be very interested in Soriano, as well.

But there was a growing sense Soriano prefers (if the money is near equal) to stay on the East Coast. That would favor Philadelphia, and one GM whose team is considering an offer to Soriano said, “Watch out for the Phillies, they want him badly.” The Orioles also were intrigued by Soriano.

One executive said that because of “the financial frenzy” this offseason, he anticipated Soriano receiving a seven-year contact. But the consensus fell more toward six years at between $84 million-$96 million. Soriano switched from second base to left field last year, and the Cubs would at least consider him for center field.

2 responses to “Sherman : Phillies Are Soriano Frontrunners”

  1. anthony castellano says:

    ok for a 18 year old like me growing up in philly i think that soriano will be a good fit for the phillies. he can run,hit, field. he is a good player. i beg pat gilliack to pay as much as he can to get him i would love to see him in red pinstripes. so watch out mlb world the phillies are on the hunt

  2. mike shane says:

    if we land soriano, the phils will be back in the playoffs and not just to get knocked out in the first round. they would be a contender. And can anyone name a better 3 4 5 hitter then utely, howard, soriano. Would be very hard.

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