Short People Ain’t Got No Reason To Live : Costas On Mellencamp

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Guess which FNIA panelist would probably submit a terrible Pazz & Jop ballot?  “Any of them” is a suitable answer, by the way. Video link swiped from Scott’s Shots.  Hey, if you wanna get into farmer’s rights, I’d rather hear from the Coog & Chris Morris.

4 responses to “Short People Ain’t Got No Reason To Live : Costas On Mellencamp”

  1. kt says:

    by my count, from the time he said his role in introducing john melonhead would take 10 seconds to the time he actually did, was 21 seconds. learn to count you irritating dwarf.

  2. Jimmy Qualls says:

    Unrelated, but I thought you might like this.

    Here’s Will “Nostradamus” Leitch on September 10, foretelling the trade of Zach Randolph “any minute now”:


    And here, 12 days later, is today’s ESPN.com report, headlined “Randolph Staying In New York”:


    I’d encourage GC to build a whole blog post around this, but in Leitch’s defense, he might have meant Willie Randolph, not Zach Randolph; firing, not trading; and New York Mets, not New York Knicks.

  3. Ben Schwartz says:

    So, Gerard, which is the bigger party killer — the Blind Melon fan or this?

  4. Bjorn Randolph says:

    I heard Collinsworth is a Merzbow freak. Rumour is he tries to get through the Merzbox in its entirety once a week.
    And if you ask Olberman he’ll namedrop predictable indie shit like Arcade Fire but Dan Patrick says when he’s alone in his dressing room all he hears through the wall is the new Darius Rucker.

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