Singing Michael Irvin’s Redemption Song

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(Irvin : some of his best friends lack the bouyancy to swim with the TV sharks)

Either there weren’t too many lady-humans nor persons of non-whiteness making the scene at the latest gathering of the cultural elite, or perhaps persons of either group were just camera shy. Either way, dwill of Sports On My Mind used the celebratory photo of Dudes’ Night Out to illustrate his frustration with “the tirades, the insinuating, the blaming, and the recontexualizing of the worth of certain black athletes, past and present,” in particular, the case of The Playmaker.

Michael Irvin™s Hall Of Fame status is being questioned on AOL Sports . I™m unsure of Michael David Smith™s credentials to judge the worth of Irvin, but unless he™s from Dallas and saw Irvin play repeatedly over his career (or is even old enough to have a truly conscious memory of the man) his opinion should mean little.

So many of these Internet gadflies who actually believe they™re passing for journalists – and far, far too many actual mainstream journalists – want to dump on Irvin, they ignore the tragic story of another Dallas Cowboy, an offensive lineman who, outside of Larry Allen, may have someday been a HOF-er – Mark Tuinei. Tuinei died in 1999 from simultaneously injecting heroin and a stimulant, a combination commonly known of as a speedball – the same combination that killed John Belushi. Where™s the continued outrage over an incident of that type? Compared with Tuinei, who died at age 39, Irvin™s story and life should be viewed as one of redemption, not scorn and continued ridicule.

Who the fuck am I to pass judgment on Michael Vick™s use of ganja – and then somehow relate that to his on-field performance? I question his judgment for thinking he could walk through security with an alleged bottle with herb in it, but I will not equate that with his ability to read a cover-2 defense like that cracker named œUnsilent Majority from Kissing Suzy Kolber did in a comment on The Big Lead (his comment name on the Big Lead comment section is also œUnsilent Majority a nasty-ass Nixonian moniker if I™ve ever heard one – another bit of history: if you want to look for the progenitors of today™s neoconservative movement, look back before Newt Gingrich and peer deeply into the well-roiled waters of Richard Nixon™s œMoral Majorityœ).

It sickens me that white people won™t admit that Irvin’s Romo joke was something said by crackers for centuries – and if it™s not said openly today, it™s certainly part of most white men™s consciousness as they watch a black-dominated sports world.

Y’know, not every white blogger  (not even everyone in the KSK class reunion photo) would equate superior athletic performance with breeding. As opposed to Eckstein-esque scrappiosity (something you’ll find in persons of all creeds if you do enough scraping).  Then again, dwill did say “most white men’s consciousness”, as opposed to all.  And I’d also concur that Michael Irvin’s football credentails are impossible to discount — if he’s not enshrined in Canton, the Pro Football Hall Of Fame is a joke.   I’d not tout Irvin for an Emmy or Peabody Award anytime soon (and Mr. Blackwell is still throwing up from this jacket), but none of that has anything to do with his achievements as a player.

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  1. Joel Hunt says:

    AFAIK, the term “Moral Majority” has nothing to do with Richard Nixon, but was Jerry Falwell’s organization. Weird.

  2. GC says:

    and I’m pretty sure the Immoral Minority was either a really bad tag team in Jim Cornette’s SMW promotion or an unsuccessful signing to Megablade, circa 1987

  3. Hot Shit College Student says:

    I wonder if those Deadspin commentors turned bloggers are always ‘on’. Sigh, it sucks to have these dudes represent young, white sports fans.

  4. GC says:

    HSCS –

    though not everyone in the Sports Bloggery Hall of Fame Class of ’07 photo is a Deadspin commentor turned blogger — Monsieur Nutzz predates the scourge of Leitch — I’m super psyched to know that being older than dirt gets me off the hook.

    I’d like to think of the “crackers” dwill eloquently refers to as a family food. Maybe divorced people eat crackers. Frankly, I don’t want to know.

  5. I can’t believe you are so full of indignation that you’d take my offhand comment on Vick all that seriously. No I don’t think there’s a conneciton between sneaking something through airport security and reading a defense. I just thought it was pretty damn funny.

    My name has nothing to do with Nixon or the Moral Majority that you mistakenly associate with the former president.

    In case you were wondering about my actual opinions as opposed to writing me off as a cracker (which is just nonsensical)… I think Irvin belongs in the Hall of Fame, I thought Irvin’s comment about Romo was funny, and I think Vick is a lovable dumbass. No more, no less.

    HSCS- I don’t represent anything beyond myself. Feel free to represent however you see fit.

  6. GC says:


    thanks for writing.

    Though I suppose you’re already aware of this, I’ve not personally expressed any indignation over your comments on TBL regarding Vick. I have, however, quoted and linked to someone else who has and I trust you’re game to take the debate to his blog as well.

    In case you were wondering about my actual opinions, I think crackers are a wonderful hangover cure if consumed with 7-Up.

  7. Touche…I’ll send my comments along to the original author.

  8. GC says:

    if anyone is interested, a rather thrilling back-and-forth between Unsilent Majority and dwill can be found here.

  9. D-Wil says:

    Thanks for quoting my post. And thanks for pointing out that I did say “most.” If you get this comment, do check my most recent post…. and I hope to read your thoughts on it, too…. also, as soon as I put a period on this, I’m putting you up on my “Links” – and I don’t mean my Scottish golf course.


  10. GC says:

    sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, D-Wil. It came to my attention the CSTB Cracker Factory went from being the no.1 outfit in town to falling behind Table Talk and Allied since this thread began.

    regarding your most recent post, I would agree that David Stern has no business telling the NBA rank and file where they can hang out. Nor does Billy Hunter have any business fronting the union if he’s unprepared to argue about it.

  11. D-Wil says:

    “It came to my attention the CSTB Cracker Factory went from being the no.1 outfit in town to falling behind Table Talk and Allied since this thread began.”
    Nice quip!

    On Stern and Hunter -True true. Hunter will argue, I feel he’s proven that; this isn’t a, let me capitulate for more player $$$$ situation…. It’s dufficult to believe Stern feels he can get away with this….

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