Sirius/XM Sports Yacker Doesn’t Quite Have The Pipes For The “Green Acres” Theme

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(a rare photograph of Sirius/XM’s Screamo Cockface in which his mouth is not attached to Tim Tebow’s rear)

Mad Dog Radio’s Dino Costa took a break this week from running interference for George Zimmerman and/or declaring Gary Bettman to be professional sports’ best commissioner (!) to announce that starting in July, he’ll conduct his evening broadcasts from a home studio in Cheyenne, Wyoming. If that town doesn’t strike you as a cultural hotbed, Dino writes, “I hope you never show up, because the less people in Wyoming and all the better is my feeling.”

Goodbye to the concrete jungle and tall buildings, and hello to fields of amber waves of glory, with the sight of combines harvesting the fields, cows and other assorted livestock on the horizon, and majestic scenery made up of mountain ranges that never fail to take my breath away.

Goodbye to loafers and preppy ass clothing that makes me want to vomit, and hello to the pleasing sight of a man wearing a Cowboy hat, a pair of boots, a Wrangler shirt – and a well worn pair of jeans.

Goodbye to this new wave sound that some suggest is actually music — and hello once again to the best music in America…gimme that country twang of Montgomery Gentry over and over again.

Goodbye as well, to the likelihood that Dino might ever encounter more than a handful of blacks or jews. With Costa clearly in possession of incriminating photos of Chris Russo, it seems he can pretty much pick and choose which parts of the modern world he’d like to contend with. You shouldn’t be surprised that a spineless legend-in-his-own-mind like Costa would take flight from the melting pot that is NYC, but perhaps he should’ve done so much earlier. At least prior to describing a transgendered person as “it”.  But leave it to a guy complaining about “this new wave sound” in 2012 (does anyone know what the fuck he’s talking about?  Ladytron? Skrillex? Linda Ronstadt’s ‘Mad Love’?) to think his brand of bullying is socially acceptable.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Dino fucking OWNS the Wyoming sports scene motherfucker!

  2. Danno says:

    Dino is a douche of the first degree. A guy that will, no doubt, hate on Wyoming in short time as well because no one likes an asshole. It’s not like he’s moving to 1950s Alabama. People are pretty great in Wyoming, and not far off from city folks in many ways, like enjoying non-assholes for one.

  3. On behalf of all my fans and listeners, I cannot thank this website enough for keeping tabs on me…my only question is how much can I pay you guys to run an every day feature on what I do, what I say, where I say it, etc? Yeah, WYOMING is the place to be (no green acres puns intended) and me and the family cannot wait to arrive. The next time I see that shithole of a city called New York after I depart will be well too soon. Love the website, and appreciate all of your support. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!
    P.S. That fucking liberal douchbag Dave Zirin had the audacity to call into my show th eother night under an assumed name! Talk about a weasel? Talk some sense into that assface as soon as possible. Ciao baby!

  4. On second thought I’m really selling you peeps at CSTB well short of the mark. Instead let me do something for ya’ll since you’re all doing so much for me. How about I offer you guys a 30 minute spot on my show sometime soon? This way you can air all of your myriad grievances on a national platform and in the process expose me for the miscreant we all know I am. I’ll even open up the phone lines (most times 10 lines deep) and give ya’ll an opportunity to do some cross talk with my audience across North America. For all ya’ll doing for me…this is the least I might be able to do for ya’ll.

  5. GC says:

    Dino, we all heard Zirin make you sound like an even bigger putz than usual several weeks ago. And you proceeded to pull the plug on him. Much as I appreciate the invitation, I’ve zero interest in lending credibilty to your miserable program. For one thing, you don’t deserve it. For another, it’s bad enough that any portion of my Sirius subscription subsidizes your existence. If MDR wants me to add an opposing view, I’d consider replacing you until they can find a full-time host. I’d even donate my fee to an organization that tries to help the very same transgendered persons you feel so comfortable degrading.

    If you’re hellbent on demonstrating how open you are to voices that aren’t simply parroting your own, you might want to consider your habit of blocking twitter users that criticize you. Because, y’know, that kind of thing shows the entire world what you’re really made of.

    Good luck with that Tom Gabel booking.

  6. Lastly, you had BETTER keep writing about me…or else I won’t think of highly of you guys anymore as I currently do…

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