Sirius/XM’s Ku Klux Klueless Dino Costa : His Twitter Drive Is A Moronic Marathon, Not A Sprint

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(l-r: Yonkers Cowboy, David Duke.  BFF’s?)

On multiple occasions, Dino Costa of Sirius/XM’s “Mad Dog Radio” has replied to lengthy CSTB posts about his unique brand of free expression with the warning, “you had better not stop covering me and my show.”   Since there’s not been much other coverage for Costa’s exploits, save for a 2006 Westword profile (and an earlier item from the same paper concerning his dismissal from a Denver radio station), I think the least I can do is shine as bright a light as possible on his fear of a non-white planet, aversion to inner cities and insistence he’s not a homophobe (despite telling his acolytes, “homosexual sex acts make my skin crawl”, as well as deeming homosexuality, “a lifestyle choice”).  With Dino’s frequent contributions to Twitter, I’m somewhat spared the burden of hearing his entire radio program (and accompanying Dice Clay tributes), as he’s proven capable of coming up with a nearly 24/7 output of equally creepy, if not entirely readable material.

So it came as some surprise yesterday — just hours after Dino wrote to CSTB claiming those old sexual harassment charges from 2003 were the result of a “love triangle” (“the person in question was completely discredited, had a history of mental problems and had been through the process of this kind of a thing before”) he announced he’d be taking an immediate Twitter sabbatical (“as America’s most compelling, dynamic, unique, and most knowledgeable sports based talk radio host, I find it personally insulting that I have the scattering of Twitter followers that I currently possess…I’ll be back when my Twitter feed gets to the 5K level”).  Later in the day, perhaps realizing that 5 thousand followers might be a slightly ambitious goal for a radio host with not nearly as many listeners, Costa declared on his evening Mad Dog Radio show that he’d retire from Twitter if his follower total hadn’t reached 4 thousand by the end of the program.  “And then,”  intoned Dino, “I’m gone until 5 thousand.”  Seems like he’s really thought his through, right?

As the show dragged on, Costa repeatedly coaxed long-suffering producer Andrew Caplan for an update on the Twitter drive.  “You’re doing great, Dino,” Caplan assured Costa,  “only 340 to go,” failing to mention of course, that two hours into the broadcast, they’d not gained more than a dozen or so new followers.   When the begging mercifully came to a close at 11pm eastern, Costa — who’d earlier promised he’d not return to Twitter — posted again, insisting, “the # must be 4K by the end of this week…if it is not, my tweeting days are done.”  And of course, he’s made two subsequent posts to let the world know, he’s SERIOUS THIS TIME.

In the not-so-unlikely event Costa soon finds himself bounced from the radio business, I do realize there’s every possibility he might hold up a convenience store somewhere and take hostages.  When that tragic day arrives, I implore authorities to delay negotiations with Dino as long as they can, as we can see a pattern developing.  He’ll start by demanding a helicopter, $10 million bucks and free passage to any country that upholds the sanctity of male-female marriage.   But by the end of the siege, he’ll surely settle for a four-pack of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.

All of that said, I’m a helpful person, even when dealing with bullies, blowhards and guys who embellish their resumes. If Dino’s hellbent on increasing his Twitter followers at all costs, why not petition an audience that really seems to get him?  When Costa conducted a smoochy interview with  former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke in 2008, who’d have thought the former would someday become such an important fixture on Chris Russo’s satellite channel?  Or that the usually attention-starved Costa would neglect to ask Holocaust denier-Duke or his buddies at Stormfront.org for their support in solving this Twitter dilemma?  Really, why so reticent, Dino?  White supremacists and Nazis are pretty fuckin’ savvy when it comes to social media ; what’s the point of sucking up to them so blatantly if you’re just gonna disassociate yourself when the chips are down?

Putting aside for a moment the irony of someone who routinely blocks his critics later complaining about his number of Twitter followers, regardless of what happens between now and Friday or whatever other artificial deadline Costa comes up with, I have suspect the medium will survive, perhaps even flourish without his participation.  The same might even be true of talk radio.

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  1. Nate Little says:

    Sadly for Costa’s hostage-taking future, Dogfish Head 90 Minute only comes in 4-packs.

  2. GC says:

    thanks. If that’s the case, I encourage the SWAT team to open fire.

  3. Nick says:

    Wow, this is a huge professional embarassment for the former Ryan Patrick. Heard he was moving to Wyoming to do his show remotely which will make it so much easier for Sirius to forget about him and eventually jettison him back to his days delivering furniture.

    It is only a matter of months before the created persona known as Dino Costa dissapears into the yonder. He can always try to get a gig at WFAN….but Francesa will probably just throw his resume into the garbage yet again. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tommy Hoops says:

    I think Dino can do it. I know you read these comments so know I believe in you, buddy. I have over 70 thousand followers and if you give me a shoutout on your feed, I’ll do the same for you!

  5. Tommy Hoops says:

    Oh, my name on Twitter is @scharpling. Look me up, bro.

  6. I’m sorry, pardon me, but did someone say, ’embarrassment’?

    Au contraire amigos, not only is it not even close to being an embarrassment, it is among other things a huge ego boost — and I consider this blogs regurgitating of ancient news concerning yours truly to be utterly impressive.

    Sincerely I cannot thank ya’ll enough for the consistent coverage you have decided to give me, my show, my burgeoning career, as well as any future exploits…I warned ya’ll not to stop covering me (or else), and allow me to extend a huge thank you to ya’ll for doing just what I told you to do.

    To say that I’m in your head at this point (don’t take that literally now) would be more than appropriate — I believe it is even more appropriate to state that in many ways I have taken over your little blog site here and I practically own it for all intents and purposes.

    I LOVE IT!

    Yeah, that Twitter thing’s got me a bit perplexed, I reckon I can hang on a few more days, hopefully get it geared up in the right direction…any help in this capacity would be much appreciated as well.

    That David Duke interview was a blast, the fact that my former producer in Denver actually got to Duke who was in Italy at the time certainly speaks to his resourcefulness.

    I next tried to get the equally race baiting huckster out of New York, Al Sharpton, but he wouldn’t consent to an on air interview…so we next tried Jesse “Hymeytown’ Jackson, but he was busy impregnating the hired help at his mansion that week.

    What most impresses me about your allegiance to me and my show, is in the consistency that you listen to it, constantly coming up with information that you include in your missives, info that could not be ascertained unless you had an ear to a speaker each night…don’t feel too bad fellas, the addiction to me that you feel is shared by millions across the country as my show possesses the largest audience on the channel.

    As accurate as you are in regard to things I say on my shows (due to the fact that ya’ll listen), I must point out the inaccuracies in your claim of limited press I receive.

    To whit, New York’s largest newspaper, the NY Daily News, has referenced me and my show at least two dozen times since I set up shop in that shithole of a city with the five boroughs, I include just some of those mentions for your your considered review:

    >>> “Costa is unpredictable but clever. He’s compelling. An original – a mastermind.”

    >>> “Tomorrow’s Mets home opener is not the biggest event in New York. That honor is reserved for the arrival of The Mastermind, Dino Costa, to NYC where he will permanently set up shop and paint his nightly masterpiece from Sirius/XM’s midtown studios. Tapes of each show will be immediately delivered to the Museum of Broadcasting.”

    >>> “Weekly Dino Costa reference: Is it true Sirius/XM boss Mel Karmazin is considering re-branding, changing the channel’s name from “Mad DogRadio” to “Mastermind Dino Radio?”

    >>> “Dude of the Week: Dino Costa. The resident lunatic and mastermind of Sirius/XM’s “Mad Dog Radio” did not disappoint during his Manhattan invasion. Costa threw a wicked curve Thursday night when he teamed with Electric Circus ringmaster Scott Ferrall. A situation ready to spin out of control, featuring two yutzes fitted for matching straitjackets before the gig, proved to be edgy and enlightening – seriously. The roof didn’t blow off until King Scotty departed. Costa morphed into Ferrall, doing a perfect, hour-long imitation of the gravelly voiced yakker. Under this cover, Dino MC’d a Dump-O-Thon, torching numerous suspects – including his boss, Chris (Mad Dog) Russo. Costa indicated Doggie wears his “Marquis” costume outside the studio. “(Russo) puts on a wig,” Costa said. “He needs to see a psychiatrist.”

    >>> “What a week Dino Costa turned in on Sirius/XM filling in for Chris (Mad Dog) Russo. Do everyone a favor Doggie, take another week off so The Mastermind can mastermind afternoon drive. Plenty of highlights. Like On Thursday, when Costa took 79 calls in an hour. Or Wednesday, when he psycho-analyzed himself. Never easy. We now have more proof Costa is cutting through. Last week, we were approached by a former WFAN talkie who now spends his time on TV. He seemed miffed over our role as Costa’s chief pom-pom waver.”

    >>> “Costa’s a must-listen. If Sirius/XM’s Chris (Mad Dog) Russo was transported back in time, and asked to scout a young Sandy Koufax, his report would have said: “He’s got too much on his curveball. He’s too wild. I’ll take a pass.” If Russo continues dumping on Costa, it will provide ample evidence that, as a talent evaluator, Doggie’s clueless. With Costa working the night shift, there’s now actually a terrific reason to listen to “MDR” after 8 p.m. By the way, Costa will be filling in for Doggie this week. This means there is finally a great reason to listen to “MDR” from 2 p.m.-7 p.m.”

    >>> “Tuesday, Jackson phoned in after Russo inferred Reggie is a guy suffering from the disease of me. “I’m your friend,” Jackson said. “You can’t be banging me.” Wonder what Jax would’ve done if he heard Dino Costa’s Monday night rant? The Mastermind replayed Russo’s interview, pausing only to put a verbal beatdown on Jackson. Costa came to a singular conclusion. “Reggie Jackson,” Costa said, “is a narcissistic bastard.”

    >>> “As he does most every week, Chris (Mad Dog) Russo torched Dino Costa, the Mastermind of “Mad Dog Radio.” Dog ain’t no dope. Just mentioning Dino stirs listeners up. Russo also knows the tremendous value of Costa. That’s why gnomes working for Doggie got Costa to agree to a renegotiated, one-year deal, which will keep Dino yakking in the kennel (for more than dog bones) through March 2011.”

    >>> “The Dino Costa experience continues infiltrating every crevice of Sirius/XM’s “Mad Dog Radio.” On “Stack’s House,” Jerry Stackhouse went Dino on Richard Jefferson, torching the Spurs forward. Unfortunately, someone didn’t sprinkle some Dino Dust on Chris (Mad Dog) Russo before his interview with Mark McGwire. Ain’t calling this a Twinkie Munch. Just saying Doggie wasn’t as biting as he can be. Maybe listening to some Dino tapes will get the Dog back in the groove.”

    >>> “Never underestimate the radio savvy of Sirius/XM’s Chris (Mad Dog) Russo. After doing a full five-hour shift on Tuesday, Doggie made a lengthy appearance on Dino Costa’s yakk attack during the first hour of that show. Obviously Russo knows where most “Mad Dog Radio” listeners are. He wants a piece of Costa’s action, if only to promote his slo-mo afternoon show. Dog looked to use Dino as his personal fire hydrant. But it was Russo who got dissed on. Doggie was no match for Costa, the Mastermind, during a debate over the merits of Jerry West and Kobe Bryant.”

    In addition, Sports Illustrated named my show one of the best national sports talk endeavors in the country (WHAT could they POSSIBLY have been thinking???) While Mark Kriegal of Fox Sports has described the show as; ‘intelligently profane’…I only mention these things in the interest of accuracy, which I know you guys are sticklers for.

    Oh, I was also chosen by Madison Square Garden Network to host a 10 show special called; ‘Who Wore It Best’, which was an interesting look at New York sports uniform numbers…

    I’ve also guested on several shows in New York and hosted my own TV talk show in Denver, I was a part of the Colorado Rockies pre & post game shows (after the David Duke interview) and…well, you know what, forget my words, take a look for yourself you exciting troubadour’s you! I LOVE you guys!!! Well, you know what I mean? http://tvvideoresumes.com/tvvideoresumes/private.php?user_id=6003

    Well, that’s really all I gots fer now…the History Channel special on the Hatfield’s & The McCoys have nothing on this gorgeous little feud we got ourselves going here, eh?

    I’m gonna remind ya’ll one mo time bitches…YOU EVER stop covering me, you EVER stop paying attention to your favorite national sports radio host…I’m a tellin’ ya boys, we gonna have some trouble between us but good.

    Embarrassing? Shiiiiiiiit!!!! Come on now baby, this thing between us just getting started now…I own your website, I’m in your heads, you’re all consumers of my product…did someone say; embarrassing?

    I’ll see ya’ll at Frontier Days this coming August, okay?

    I’ll bring the craft beer and the dip (Copenhagen okay with you boys?), ya’ll just make sure you bring your own little selves…my wife says we’ll roast a pig in our expansive backyard with a picture perfect view of the Rocky’s, Big Horn Sheep a plenty to see, and by the time ya’ll spend a few days in the Cowboy state, you won’t be wanting to leave — and even if you did I might not letcha!

    Love you guys, keep up the great work.

    Sleeping like a baby always, I am,


  7. One more thing, and this is in the interest of future programming information…I have reached out to both Reverend Wright, as well as to Charles (“man, that’s why I hate white people”) Barkley, for shows before the month of June is out…but I can confirm that Joe Namath will be on the show next week. What’s that you say? You want me to book Suzie Kolber? Keep it coming baby, please, keep it coming…how much can I pay you guys to make me a regular every single day of the week?

  8. Anthony says:

    If you look closely at his ‘followers’ many of them look like ‘bots. I’m guessing he magically reaches his goal of 4000 by paying some shady company to create even more of them.

    But lost in all of this is the fact that a grown man thinks the number of his twitter followers is somehow representative of his (perceived) talent. In other words he’s a “real man” that has the mindset of your average 16 year old boy.

  9. Hey Gerard, any chance you can get your friend and equally irrelevant douchbag, Dave Zirin, to call back into my show under another assumed name sometime soon? We all had a lot of fun that evening — would appreciate if you can pull a few strings in this area. Oh I can see this is gonna be a great summer…can’t you just feel it? OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!

  10. GC says:

    thanks for the big press kit, Dino. I’m surprised you left off your highly successful tenure as the voice of the Yonkers Hoot Owls. And indeed, you’ve certainly worked at many different outlets. Lord knows how almost all of them managed to let you slip thru their fingers.

    The Wyoming ranch sounds terrific. Especially your view of “The Rockys” (sic). I-V plus “Rocky Balboa” in an endless loop, I reckon.

    I’ve never met, spoken to or corresponded with Dave Zirin, so I don’t know if you could call us friends. But it would not be a stretch to say you struck a somewhat different tone when he was a guest on your program compared to the hospitality you showed David Duke. This is the second time you’ve used this space to accuse Zirin of calling your show under an assumed name. Though you claim I’m devoted to your program, I must confess I must’ve been doing something more edifying that evening — perhaps cleaning up cat vomit? Though you’ve offered zero proof Zirin actually did this, a better question might be how’d he manage to get on the air so easily if the show is always “ten lines deep”?

    It’s not my place to say that you’re as deeply paranoid as you are delusional, but there’s no small irony in your claiming a critic has used an assumed name when it seems you can’t even keep your own identity straight once the police get involved. Or is the embroidery on a “Ryan Patrick Radio” hockey jersey just too expensive?

    I have a sneaking suspicion you utter “OOOOOH!” each time you ejaculate, which must be problematic as I believe Dice Clay is owed a $5 royalty every time that happens. Seeing as that’s added up to about $20 over the last decade, I would strongly suggest putting someone else in charge of your Kickstarter campaign other than whoever is handling this Twitter business.

    All of that said, if you come down to the wire on Friday night and you’re still a couple of hundred followers short (again, it’s truly a mystery how a man with millions of fans can’t inspire more than a handful to sign up for his feed after HECTORING THEM TO FUCKING DEATH TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW), I’m pretty sure I’ve got a slam-dunk scheme for you ; self-immolation. It won’t improve the quality of your tweets, but it might be the most entertaining thing you’ve done on the radio.

  11. Ahh, Gerard, you’re actually a pretty swell fella after all.

    I must again correct you however, the ‘OOOOOH’ that you claim Dice-Clay as the inspiration is completely wrong.

    It’s inspiration is that of a now deceased radio host who ruled south Florida for years, one of my favorite all time talkers, a liberal to boot, and even GAY (you identify I’m sure?), Neil Rogers.

    Cleaning up cat vomit — or was it the shit you have all over your face, or maybe even something else based upon an extracurricular activity that maybe I don’t wish to know about?

    How did Dave Zirin get on with lines 10 deep? Simple – he called and called until he could get on, and then he mis-identified himself as a caller who had previously dropped off the line as that caller — and being the nice guy that I am, we brought him to the front of the line first, where his identity was quickly revealed. You never forget a voice like Zirin’s, Gerard, much like one could never forget that you’ve accomplished jack shit in the arena of sports media, a wannabee of massive proportions, as well as a guy with an extremely limited record of achievements in the music industry — which I gather is what compelled you to try the sports angle?

    Lets get one thing straight jackass, I’m doing you the favor by engaging you, by responding to you, my inclusion on your horrid website is vitally needed for relevancy purposes — don’t forget that — stupid and as close minded as you happen to be, you recognize that in me you have a lightning rod, a magnet, an illuminated story line. Hey, my friend, knock yourself out, take the ‘Dino ride’ as far as it will bring you, your instincts in this area are pretty good.

    Yonkers Hoot Owls! Indeed, I would not have passed up that experience for anything, it was my start, my humble beginning (who am I kidding Gerard, there ain’t too much humble about me), my entrance into the fray.

    While we’re at it, lets not forget stops in Huntingon, WV, Wheeling, WV, Davenport, IA, Jacksonville, FL…I mean you can appreciate I’m sure Gerard, a career takes time to develop, time to nurture, sacrifices need to be made, one must ply thy trade with an unquenchable thirst for success. No free rides or lunches, and ain’t nobody ever given me a fucking thing I didn’t earn and work for, Gerard.

    And how about you? Where have you been, what mark(s) have you made, either in the music industry — or as you attempt to carve out a niche in the sports media arena?

    My streak of independence and perseverance, my world and story is something that would permanently cripple someone of your transparent and weasel minded ilk.

    One gets the feeling you’d be riding the balls of your ass if not for the insurance money you collected after your home burned down that time.

    As for your ‘police’ shit, please save it for someone else who cares, because I can assure you that it was not all that it was cracked up to be as you would hope to imagine — nor has my life encountered anything ever previous or afterward resembling such misfortune that I experienced — with a pure psycho-bitch who was soon left by her significant other in the almost immediate aftermath.

    You post this garbage, I guess, as a way of perhaps priming the pump, or perhaps alerting someone to a dirty little secret? Fuck you, you fail on all counts, as I have talked more than openly about the ‘incident’ several times on my national show the last 3 years. You broke no story, you alerted nobody of any consequence to any new information that was already known by those needing to know.

    Are you perhaps attempting to do some independent vetting of me that maybe someone in human resources may have missed? Are you that fucking naive?

    I’ve made a more than a representative amount of money through employment gained many times AFTER the allegation was lodged — and yes, discredited (the allegation).

    You shame not, not even a little bit, I find it almost amusing that you expect some sort of an impact with your nearly 10 year old story/finding.

    On the other hand I feel no real compulsion to explain anything to you. other than to correct your self-serving, holier than thou, disingenuous, approach, toward me — or toward anyone I gather who doesn’t share your particular world view or sexual orientation.

    You don’t agree with with my views, my opinions, my statements, what I say or what I write? That’s your extreme right to feel that way, just don’t expect me to give two shits about the fact that we see the world different. In other words: go fuck yourself.

    The tolerance you no doubt preach is a one way street and the respect and open mindedness you yourself feel you deserve always is apparently something that you feel doesn’t need to be applied to others — especially those who will not see things as you do.

    Oh, and me you ask?

    I’m glad you did.

    I know of no man, more flawed and or defective on the face on planet earth than the man seated at this desk and typing these words — yet I acknowledge my flaws, my defects, my limitations, my frailties if you will…do you? Have you?

    You’re nothing more than a little weasel, a grenade launcher from a safe distance, who hides behind a relatively anonymous website/blog trying to act important in the world of sports.

    While I on one hand, if truth be told, applaud your efforts, Gerard, to carve out the niche you are seeking, on the other hand, I find it almost impossible to respect you based upon your disinclination to allow others a free voice within the spectrum of the issues and items that are rendered from the mouths and the columns of others in the ‘free’ press in America.

    You don not know me my friend, not at all, and while you propose to accurate describe me not only as a professional, but as a person too, you miss the mark in ways you could not possibly fathom.

    I wish you well in your desire to achieve what it is that you are seeking to do.


  12. Talking Dog says:

    Reading this brute is like interpreting a cross between an accelerated ten year old’s book report and an aspiring tenth grader’s attempt at pro wrestling roleplay.

  13. GC says:


    clearly you’re not familiar with the phrase, “the customer is always right”. I’m a Sirius/XM subscriber and as such, I’ve got every right to voice my opinion about the quality of the product and the direction of the company. I’ve done so long before your arrival and chances are strong I’ll still be doing so when Steve Phillips makes his RAW Comedy debut. I’ve quoted you extensively, and never out of context. If your colleagues, employers and neighbors can stomach your brand of thinly disguised hate fuckery, that’s up to them. But don’t expect anyone with a functioning brain or conscience to turn a blind eye.

    I congratulate you on the “independence and perseverance” you’re so very proud of, but that’s a rather fatuous way of saying were it not for Sirius/XM content that more than a dozen people find interesting, you’d likely be trying to fashion another internet radio gig (with the promise of it being yet another paradigm smasher, I’m sure).

    “Where have you been, what mark(s) have you made, either in the music industry —- — or as you attempt to carve out a niche in the sports media arena?”

    Hey, you’re the guy who apparently just discovered wikipedia. Why don’t you figure it out for yourself? The great thing about whatever mark I’ve made is that I don’t need to remind anyone about it — now or ever. My work in other fields has zero relevance where this blog is concerned and I’ve never claimed otherwise. It’s only slightly surprising to me that you’d deem a self-published (mostly) sports blog (of which there are many), “an attempt to carve out a niche in the sports media arena”, but I’ll let the public judge for themselves. If anyone genuinely thinks Dino’s better at his chosen craft than I am, by all means, become his 3723’nd Twitter follower.

    “One gets the feeling you’d be riding the balls of your ass if not for the insurance money you collected after your home burned down that time.”

    That’s probably because I’m loathe to talk about my “streak of independence and perseverance”. I shouldn’t put it past a guy with your track record of Xtian compassion to suggest that another human waking up in a burning building CASHED IN, but hey, you’re as classy as you’re sophisticated.

    Look, you’re free to conclude that I’m “a guy with an extremely limited record of achievements in the music industry” — coming from a George Strait fan who recently railed against “the new wave sound” (in 2012, no less), I think I can shrug that one off. But to lambaste me as “a wannabee of massive proportions…you’ve accomplished jack shit in the arena of sports media,” well, who exactly is it I’m trying to be? Certainly not the new Pete Franklin! Is every individual who takes it upon his or herself to self-publish w/ no commercial upside, “a wannabee” (sic)? Or just those who call you out?

    Your continued references to my “sexual orientation” (I suppose I should be grateful you didn’t write “preference”) are again, predictable. You’re already on record as claiming those who stand up for the civil rights of homosexuals are grandstanding phonies. So I’m supposed to be ok with that or be ok with you calling me a homosexual — as though that was an insult. If you’re trying to goad some kinda Mike Piazza-esque declaration out of me, sorry, Screamo. I’ll reiterate (and maybe you can find a friend —- or one of your kids — to explain what that means) — there’s nothing bogus about straights who care about gay people. And there’s plenty bogus about a satellite radio host who vehemently insists he’s never seen a cock in a man’s mouth (and wouldn’t have the first idea where to find such a thing).

    “I know of no man, more flawed and or defective on the face on planet earth than the man seated at this desk and typing these words — yet I acknowledge my flaws, my defects, my limitations, my frailties if you will…do you? Have you?”

    Absolutely. For starters, I could be a much, much better friend to the kind of people routinely bullied and ridiculed by cowardly fuckers like you.

    “You’re nothing more than a little weasel, a grenade launcher from a safe distance, who hides behind a relatively anonymous website/blog trying to act important in the world of sports.”

    Yes, well, I realize it’s hardly the same as having 3600 Twitter followers / bots and a show on one of the lowest rated channels on satellite radio. Well, actually, it’s a little bit better. For starter’s, there’s nothing anonymous about CSTB, Dino. My name’s attached to it and has been for nearly 9 years. That it hasn’t been on your radar until now is not exactly a barometer of anything. You don’t strike anyone as the type who does much heavy reading. I’ve never considered myself “important” in the world of sports, though I’m not sure any reasoned observer would say my audience is smaller or less important than yours.

    I mean, the guy who started screaming at Zirin when he was losing an argument and then HUNG UP, thinks I’m working “from a safe distance?” Yes, because you’re in the TRENCHES, Dino. I can think of no more dangerous beat in sports than yelling into a microphone in midtown Manhattan. No…wait, I’ve got it! There’s no more dangerous beat in sports than yelling into a microphone in CHEYENNE, WYOMING.

    I sincerely hope nothing I’ve written about you to date has given you the impression I covet your respect. Because that would be an even greater misunderstanding than this sordid business about “a pure psycho-bitch”. I guess we can add women to the list of non-whites and homosexuals who have at various times, conspired to hold independent guys like you back.

    How have I not allowed others a free voice, Screamo? You’ve been granted the right to reply — unedited, I might add (though you’ve could’ve used some assistance) — time and time again. Conversely, you label this blog “anonymous” and the work of a weasel, while you’ve blocked critics from your Twitter feed. It would seem you’re in possession of your own puny grenade launcher, except you’d prefer only to be read by those inclined to agree with you. Maybe your buds at Stormfront can assist you in building a membership-only site/podcast, where you won’t have to tolerate dissent.

    “You don (sic) not know me my friend, not at all, and while you propose to accurate describe me not only as a professional, but as a person too, you miss the mark in ways you could not possibly fathom.”

    Hey, I have no doubt whatsoever that in real life you suck much, much worse than I could possibly imagine. Please, don’t anyone reading this get the impression that I know THE REAL DINO (or the fake Ryan Patrick. Or the Real Dino Patrick. Or the fake Ryan Costa). I’m willing to bet I’ve not even scraped the surface of the horror show.

  14. And in summation your honor, I’ll conclude for the last time, that this asshole knows not what the fuck he talks about, seemingly never has…but I do welcome him as a rabid listener and an enthusiastic supporter of me and my show — and SiriusXM Radio where he continues to help pay my salary. I’m now done with you fuckface, you’ll continue listening to me, not the other way around. Now go install a proper smoke detector so that your house doesn’t fry to a crisp again, douchebag.



    p.s. Don’t forget what I’ve said time and again, you WILL keep listening to me, and you WILL continue to make me a featured part of your little thingie here…so much to the point where I believe emeritus status should be applied in the not too distant future.

  15. GC says:

    If you’re really “done with me” the same way you’ve threatened to quit Twitter, I’ve probably not seen the last of you, Dino. Or Patrick. Or whoever. The threats and promises get awfully blurry. I appreciate the smoke detector advice and can only presume you’d offer the same loving words (inspired by your biblical reading, no doubt) to victims of sundry other calamities over which they had no control. Got any deep thoughts about tsunamis, earthquakes, car crashes, airline disasters, grievous bodily harm or botched operations? I’d tell you to save ’em for your radio show, but at least on this blog the world can actually get an unexpurgated taste of your wit and wisdom.

    There’s a whole bunch of things people can legitimately give me shit about. For instance, I habitually get to the post office with parcels right at closing, which is kinda rude (I’m working on it). I should probably get the car washed more often. There’s absolutely a small pile of friends’ email that I need to return. I’ve put out more than a few records that some folks think sucked donkey dick (apologies to anyone reading this who’s never seen a donkey dick sucked nor has the first idea how to get to a farm).

    Dino, however, really knows how to aim for my weak spot. REMIND EVERYONE HE WAS IN A FIRE. Because that’s the kind of thing the entire world thinks is a laff riot.

    (Cause, y’know, I absolutely forgot about the fire right after it happened. I didn’t have to spend every remaining day of my life being reminded about it or thinking about the details or repeating the story or wondering if I fell asleep would I start replaying the entire scene again. And again. And again.)

    So yeah, I have to hand it to you, Dino. Nothing brings people together like the common enemy that is SOMEONE WHO WAS IN A FIRE. You’ve probably just done wonders for Sirius/XM’s subscription drive. I think it was just last week during the shareholders’ meeting that Mel Karmazin said something about this bold new plan in which Sirius/XM’s top personalities — Howard Stern, Willie Nelson, Little Steven, etc. , would all start making fun of people whose houses burned down. “Of course,” said Mel, “if they don’t have the guts to tackle the job, we’ll just get Dino Costa to do it. He’s the only one who really understands what the listeners want. Smoke Detector jokes.”

  16. I dunno why I’m bothering–helping GC argue with “Dino Costa” is a little like jumping in to help Obama debate Kobayashi, in that it’s unnecessary and a little presumptuous, and in that one wonders why anybody would bother trying to talk to a freakshow nonentity in the first place. But I want to push on something that Mr. “Costa” seems to place front and center (quoting it above, and using it as his twitter bio):
    “I know of no man, more flawed and or defective on the face on planet earth (sic) than the man seated at this desk and typing these words–yet I acknowledge my flaws, my defects, my limitations, my frailties if you will–do you? Have you?”

    “Acknowledging” flaws/defects/limitations/frailties is one thing. It’s even moderately important. But if you’re going to do that, you need to do two things: (a) be specific about them, instead of just brandishing a shield that reads “HEY NOBODY’S PERFECT”; (b) you need to take responsibility for them and start working to change them. “Dino”? You’re not doing any of those things. It’s interesting: “flaws/defects/limitations/frailties” are all words that remove any responsibility–it’s like you’re saying “I’m just as God made me, so blame her when I say and do awful things.”

    No. I won’t. I blame nobody but you. You don’t “have” some character traits. You do and say stupid, ignorant, indefensible things. There’s no God that made you tweet that a man having sex with a man is the same as a man having sex with an animal. There’s no God that made you think a school was an all-black institution when it wasn’t. It’s nobody’s fault but your own that your understanding of history is so poor that you can equate David Duke with Al Sharpton simply because they both discuss race. And these aren’t “frailties”: these aren’t things that you just can’t help. These are things you could educate yourself about, if you exercised the basic human faculties of self-doubt and curiosity long enough to wonder if there weren’t things to learn about the world that you didn’t already know, or to wonder if maybe you could be wrong about a matter of fact or a moral judgment.

    I doubt you will ever stop viewing the world through yelling-at-it-colored lenses, “Dino”. I doubt you’ll ever realize that a person can learn things by listening to people, sometimes even people who are talking by means of the written word. Probably you’ll just keep shouting, keep begging for attention, keep repeating the same childish insults and refusing to interact in any kind of actually communicative way with any other person. On the other hand, you have a house and it lets you look at sheep. I hope that’s a trade you enjoy living with. Oh, and a word about censorship: nobody’s trying to censor you. You’re certainly entitled to say vain, incorrect, stupid, malicious things: you have said many of them right here on this page. However, your right to talk is not to be confused with a right to be free of criticism; nor does it entitle you to payment. Talk away, “Costa”: but don’t act a fool when people point out your words are vile garbage, and don’t be surprised when eventually nobody wants to pay you to produce them.

    In conclusion, GC, I have to congratulate you. I thought there was no way to make the word “screamo” any more tiresome and repellent than it already was. I was wrong.


  17. Killshire says:

    If you’ve never seen a dick in a man’s mouth, I’ll gladly take a picture of you as you suck mine.

  18. Nick says:

    In a battle of wits, logic, integrity and any other measuring stick, GC thoroughly destroyed the caricature named “Dino Costa” within the confines of this post. In a perverse way, one has to feel bad for Dino because he simply cannot compete at GC’s level…simply not equipped to handle it.

    His Twitter drive has brought him 23 new followers in the past 48 hours! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! What a joke this clown is!

    Stick to your words Dino…you’re done with Twitter now! Finito! Don’t think of coming back now young man…can’t do it…not allowed to…your words not mine…now pack up your ball and bat and go home now ya hear?

    Oh and that website that you promote has all the aesthetic value of a used diaper…amateur hour mi amigo…who designed that clusterfuck? That’s your only outlet now…that’s your strategy??? Once again…enjoy your last few months on MDR because once Dog’s contract is up you’ll be scrounging for pick up shifts at KFBC…and I have a sneaking suspicion you won’t be welcome there???

  19. Anthony says:

    …and dumbass has once again broken his vow to shut the fuck up until 4000 of his ‘millions of listeners’ follow him. What a surprise.

  20. ben schwartz says:

    Well, thanks to CSTB, I now know who Dino Costa is.

    For a guy with millions of fans on the Sirius radio network, he sure has a lot of time to spend on blogs he hates. Presumably, because this is the only blog that takes what he does seriously enough to point out what he is.

    I like Sirius radio, but as to whatever Dino thinks it is, I also bump into Sirius radio hosts at a local Denny’s and see others on twitter trying to buy cars for $4K or less. That has nothing to do with the quality of their shows, both of which I genuinely like, but it points up how being a popular satellite radio host is about neck-and-neck with being famous on Youtube. And on Youtube, Dino, the numbers of views are verified where everyone can see them, unlike Sirius.

    Seriously, if I wanted to talk to Dino Costa I wouldn’t bother with his show, I’d call the subscription dept where I’m sure he spends most days answering phones.


  21. Lisa says:

    I remember Dino Costa’s hissy fit on Facebook the night Osama Bin Laden was killed. Instead of being relieved or glad, the way normal people were, he was flipping out because people on FB were more interested in talking about that than his redesigned web page. He actually lectured people to stop talking about Bin Laden being dead, and start talking about the magic that is Dino Costa!

    Then he went on a 9/11 truther tirade, with crazy talk about Bin Laden being dead for years, and his insistence that the Pentagon was never hit by a plane. Oh, and when people called him out on his craziness, he blocked them. Whatta creep.

  22. GC says:

    In an era when we’re so divided over many issues, I am surprised the entire nation couldn’t come together….to recognize the importance of Dino’s web site being redesigned.

    For those who might’ve stopped paying rapt attention to Dino’s Twitter drive, he’s returned to Twitter, despite being some 260 followers short of his self-proclaimed goal of 4K (reduced from 5K). It’s mostly been a series of retweets of various Dinophiles offering words of encouragement, though he did take a little break from the orgy of narcissism to weigh in on contemporary cinema.

  23. Timothy Cook says:

    Dino Costa makes such a big deal about having watched or not watched certain videos: 1) gay porn he hasn’t and won’t watch (per the above), 2) asks Dave Zirin has ever watched an abortion, as if Costa were expert on the subject (per his write-up on his blog about his encounter with “Zirin” on his radio show), and 3) BAD TEACHER starring J. Timberlake and C. Diaz, in which Costa finds Timberlake’s “dry hump” of Diaz so noteworthy he’ll take it straight to his (>5k) Twitter following.

    Perhaps Dino Costa should watch fewer abortions and more Justin Timberlake.

  24. MikeNotMikeAndMike says:

    I have ceased listening to Mad Dog Radio. First, it was Chris Russo’s idiocy with his father, then program director firing, then their ignorance of the importance of the UCONN women’s BB team’s season and record. Then I found Dino Costa and thought I would give him a try. What a blowhard! If you aren’t as conservative as he is, then you are wrong. If you have an opinion, you are wrong. He is a jerk with a following. I still like Mike Francessa and agree with him. Dino who? Now I wish I was like Mike F. and have never heard his show. Is he a racist? Don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  25. dc is a goof says:

    Your a clown. Big talker with nothing buy shit coming out of your mouth ( and Larry Birds balls still trying to find their way out of your mouth)
    You are far from the best. You dont talk sports. And your clearly intimidated by those of other races. You must have got your ass whooped by a mexican, black. Face reality your fans are a bunch of losers and you r too. Now go home and get your fukin shine kit boy”

  26. Well Dino fans, sing sing celebrate as he’s been suspended for running a “contest” over the air and a decision is supposed to be made on whether he comes back to Sirius or is sent packing. I don’t care one way or the other. He’s entertaining at times but I can’t deal with his overt racist comments. Sad thing is he doesn’t even know it.

  27. Note: when I said “he doesn’t even know it”, I meant regarding his race-baiting comments.

  28. Mike Francesa says:

    Dino Costa tossed Buzz Bissinger’s salad.

  29. CFioren317 says:

    Heard Dino on last night whining and almost crying that the new Olbermann show said the same things he has always said, but Olbermann is being hailed as revolutionary because he is on ESPN. What a complete blowhard and an idiot. Dude, just because it’s your opinion doesn’t mean it’s ONLY your opinion. This asshole actually thinks he is entitled to copyrights on “his thoughts” and that nobody else can have them? He then talks about how it almost made him cry. Seriously dude? Get a freaking life.

  30. GC says:

    full credit where due : none one else in sports media lavishes nearly as much time to the crucial subject of Dino Costa’s career / lack of recognition than Dino Costa. It’s the one beat he’s thoroughly devoted to.

  31. Cock and Balls says:

    It is popular to not agree with someone and call them a racist, if you don’t agree with someone it doesn’t mean he/she is a racist.

    I read through these posts and see why America is stuck in mud with race relations.

    I don’t agree with you so you must be a racist.

    What a simple mind where color is fail safe to a disagreement.

    Sad where in 2013 people are to see past race but instead use it as an excuse to hate someone they disagree with.

  32. GC says:

    yes, what kind of world are we living in where those who’d disagree with David Duke, the former GRAND WIZARD OF THE FUCKING KU KLUX KLAN, so casually label him a racist?

  33. Cock and Balls says:

    Simple minds. I disagree so I call someone racist.

  34. GC says:

    I think it’s less a matter of disagreeing compared to most reasoned, or even halfway awake persons understanding that it is hardly a slur or an exaggeration to call an avowed white supremacist — and a former leader of the most recognizable white supremacist organization in this country’s history — a racist.

    That said, I am totally open to the strong possibility you’re a complete nitwit.

  35. Randy says:

    Dino certainly has a long, storied history of being nasty. What an asshole.

  36. Marisol says:

    Great article.

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