Snakes’ OF Pleads, “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Ridiculous Haircut Or Garish Suit”

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“I didn’t realize how many degenerates sit there at home and watch television and surf the Internet and look for ways to belittle people,” Byrnes said. “People should not be concentrating on what I’m wearing and what my hair looks like. They should be concerned with my flow and the knowledge coming out of my mouth.” – Eric Bynres, as quoted by the Arizona Republic’s Dan Bickley.

I’ve been saying the same thing about Jeanne Zelasko and K-Squared for years.

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  1. rick monday says:

    poor byrnzie. what’s next? the god squad.

    did you see his look when they talked about cory lidle? he was probably thinking about all the times he struck out when lidle was pitching a 2 hitter for the a’s.

    still love him though. and i bet he would’ve dove to catch that ball that payton missed, and we’d all be here for another day.

  2. GC says:


    I didn’t paste the parts where Byrnes Baby Byrnes talks about wanting to go to Afghanistan and grease some Talibanners. (talibanians?) Mostly because I didn’t want to bum you out.

    He was perfectly OK on BBTN, I thought. What’s more, his appearances on ESPN last week meant that Jeff Brantley was banished to ESPN News, where he had to sit next to some no-neck motherfucker who called him “The Cowboy” about 15 times in 3 minutes. I really thought Brantley was gonna climb over the desk and beat the guy to death with his own microphone.

  3. rick monday says:

    good call gerard. i think the country is pretty tired of that schitk by now. wait… what’s this thing with towels? or fans all wearing red?

    why do i always get brantley confused with that guy who used to do hockey for espn?

    reynolds?, now psycho? is byrnzie the next gen?

  4. A-Train says:

    okay, eric, the “knowledge” coming out of your mouth sucks, too.

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