SNY’s Gary Cohen Finds NL East Pennant Race Fever Somewhat Less Than Contagious

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“It seems like both teams are sleepwalking thru this” opined Ron Darling of the finale of the Braves/Mets’ three game series (New York currently leads, 4-2 in the last of the 4th).

“Maybe,” quipped Gary Cohen, “they should’ve had a nap.”

6 responses to “SNY’s Gary Cohen Finds NL East Pennant Race Fever Somewhat Less Than Contagious”

  1. Jason Cohen says:

    The Brewers sucked the drama out of it for everyone, no? I think you can also make the case that the Phillies/Mets might like to take their chances against the deeper Cubs in a short series rather than a long one. Survive, and you’d be giving up home field in the NLCS, but you wouldn’t have that against the Cubs as the advancing NL East winner either (and it not like the lack of home field has slowed down many wild cards).

  2. Jason Cohen says:

    Ok, never mind.

  3. GC says:

    sorry, can’t talk now. looking for ammo.

  4. Rog says:

    Aaron Heilman is arbitration eligible next season. You think he’ll ask for a raise?

  5. Chuck Meehan says:

    Jason, you may have a point as far as the Phillies going up against the Cubs in a short series as if they make the playoffs and have to play the Dodgers, if Joe Torre and staff does their research they will make sure that Derek Lowe pitches game 1 and game 5 (if necessary) as there is no pitcher going who has completely shut down the Phillies the way Lowe has. I could not not ever remember the Phillies ever getting to him (whether as a Red Sox or Dodger) a or even getting much solid contact off him. When I looked it up his career #s vs the Phillies, the #s verified that.

  6. Jason Cohen says:

    Yup. And besides Lowe, I just have a hard time shaking the memory of the four game sweep at Chavez, even though the Phillies returned the favor two weeks later.

    But, things never work out they way they should on paper anyway. If they win the division, hard to see that as a bad thing. If they don’t, that’s ok too. Thing is, if they manage to clinch the wild card while the division’s still in play do you start resting the bullpen (which translates to, “use the other six guys”), maybe even reset the rotation if need be?

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