So You Thought CSTB Would Ignore The Start Of Hockey Season…

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…but you’re dead wrong. In honor of the puck being dropped on the 2006-07 NHL campaign, I bring you Eric Byrnes pretending he’s Bob Probert.

Joe Sakic and Wojtek Wolski each scored power play goals within about a minute of each other, as Colorado have taken a 2-0, first period lead over Dallas. Zero crowd shots of Denny Neagle — apparently, it isn’t Date Night at the Pepsi Center.

Closer to CSTB HQ, the Austin Ice Bats have a preseason clash with the Laredo Bucks Friday the 13th at the oh-so-intimate Chapparel Ice Center on I-35. Much like the forthcoming Brett Michaels solo dates, the phrase “good seats still available” could not be more applicable.

5 responses to “So You Thought CSTB Would Ignore The Start Of Hockey Season…”

  1. rick monday says:

    burnsie! what are you doing? “i don’t think it’s been brought up before”? at least he took responsibility for not touching home plate. still love him though. if the a’s win it all, he deserves a ring, him and giambi, and tejada. luv the doo.

  2. nh vista says:

    is Bob Probert’s given name Robert Probert…?

  3. mts says:

    I misread this as: I bring you Eric Byrnes pretending he’s Bob Pollard.

  4. Jason says:

    The Bats game is next Friday (as well as Thursday in College Station).(Just looking out for all those poor CTSB readers who were gonna waste a trip to Chaparral).

  5. GC says:

    Jason, thanks for the correction, but there’s no such thing as a wasted trip to the Chapparal Ice Center. Whether it’s for skate sharpening or just to admire the sun setting over I-35, the venue was one of the region’s true cultural meccas, even before the Ice Bats made plans to move in.

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