Some Guys Just Know How To Party

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In the field of Maurice Claret clones, Kevin from So Much Silence.com nominates former Arizona State hoopster Bryson Krueger (above), “caught with a pair of Ecstasy pills, a Zanex painkiller pill, four grams of cocaine and an unregistered, loaded .40-caliber handgun. … where’s the Grey Goose??”

I dunno, much as I’d like to giggle at this story, surely Bryson isn’t the only person who¬† spent much time in Rob Evans’ company who later required a Xanax ‘script

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  1. Kevin says:

    Poor Rob Evans. In his final days as coach, he wore himself out pointing to his record of recruiting quality, character guys. Sad that this was an Evans recruit because he did do great things in cleaning up that program. Maybe Bill Frieder was riding shotgun with Bryson.

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